Comment by mpro5 Founder, Barrie Whipp

I read today that in Greece, people were being allowed to donate leftover medicines to people less able to afford them (credit:bbc)

Of course mpro5 has allowed the tracking of medicines for some time, particularly through its service for the NCC (National Coagulation Centre) in Ireland to track coagulant to aid folks with haemophilia.

We could use blockchain technology to ensure that such medicines which were in excess of requirements to be passed on, secure in the knowledge that we knew where the original product originated.

When my mother passed, she had many unused asthma “pumps”, all of which were perfectly capable of being sent to those in less fortunate circumstances. regrettably they were disposed of . My sister in law told me that they would cost in excess of $100 each in the US…where of course the cost in the UK had been borne by the NHS.

Why not embrace scanning and blockchain technology to move perfectly good medical products and medicines through the chain and on to the next patient ? Transportation costs are a competitive market – surely we can find a way of handling the logistics of such an exercise?

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