What can mpro5 do for your University Facilities Management?

Universities can now harness the power and flexibility of mpro5 to transform their workflows using it as their university facilities management software. mpro5 has been designed with facilities management in mind, so can vastly improve the way your campus is run day-to-day, across all areas your department may be responsible for. From cleaning, postal services, planned repairs and catering, to food preparation, car parking and security, mpro5 can increase efficiency in all areas. Whatever your workflow, mpro5 can mobilise it, helping you to manage your staff and the daily tasks they are assigned to carry out on campus on and offline. It can also free them up from time consuming admin and paperwork.

An overview of mpro5

mpro5 is the ultimate mobile workforce management solution on iOS, Android and Windows. Find out more about how it works in the video below:

An Easy to Implement Flexible and Highly Configurable Platform

The beauty of mpro5 is that it can be configured to streamline and suit almost any department’s requirements. It is cross platform meaning that it runs on most of the major mobile operating systems available such as Apple, Android and Windows.

In terms of infrastructure, there is a very low barrier of entry. mpro5 is cloud hosted on secure Microsoft Azure, you don’t need any internal infrastructure to run this solution. We set up, configure and manage your mpro5 system for you and continue to develop and grow mpro5 to evolve with your needs, supporting you every step of the way.

We provide you with a mobile application and a powerful cloud based website platform for scheduling, reporting and alerts, perfect for managing staff and tasks on campus. Due to its adaptability, mpro5 can integrate into other systems, to sync data to and from your existing infrastructure. So, if you have any other 3rd party applications we can integrate with those via our web services.

Features and Benefits of mpro5 for Universities

Below are just a few of the features and benefits mpro5 could bring to the services your university facility management team may oversee:

Catering, food preparation and hygiene

  • Temperature Monitoring and Alerts
    • Use mpro5 technology to integrate with your onsite temperature monitoring system 24/7 remotely, eliminating stock loss, improving health and safety and saving wasted trips onsite.
    • Individual thermometers can be configured to your specifications alerting you by SMS or email if temperatures fluctuate outside the levels you set.
    • The mpro5 dashboard will produce statistics and graphs allowing full visibility to spot trends, protect stock and maintain high-levels of food hygiene.
  • Food Safety Auditing Management
    • mpro5 keeps you on top of your food safety auditing management creating a suite of audits using your university processes or those of the FSA.
    • Using mpro5 to increase the standard of internal audits removes the risk of staff negligence and means unexpected external audits become simpler to pass at a high-level.
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Back Office
    • You can use mpro5 to record and report on all types of accidents, incidents, customer complaints and medical questionnaires, improving the workflow of your HACCP champion.

Administration and support staff

  • Staff Training & rotas
    • Use mpro5 to rota staff and assign and schedule tasks for them to do.
    • You can also use mpro5 to document the training itself with signatures to confirm completion.
    • Documents, certificates and training manuals can be added to the platform to be accessed by staff from their mobile device app when required in the field. This ensures processes are followed compliance is maintained.
    • This increases accountability for staff as records are formally captured.
  • Monitoring and auditing facilities management processes and procedures
    • By using mpro5 you can replace an old, time consuming paper-based process with an innovate solution.
    • Having access to real-time information gives management a complete insight into the performance of the department, enabling better decision making and improving services.
  • Booking system and data collection
    • You can use mpro5 to manage lecture hall and room bookings on campus or integrate it with the existing booking system software.
    • Accessible booking information from mpro5 provides support staff and management with key information and statistics to manage bookings more effectively and identify potential changes to make the service more efficient.

Cleaning and onsite maintenance

  • Cleaning Scheduling – Reactive and Planned
    • mpro5 allows you to schedule jobs and assign them to staff out in the field, via the cloud-based website.
    • Housekeeping – schedule regular tasks and jobs that need to be completed, hourly, daily, weekly or to any other recurrence.
    • Incident capture – alert staff to spillages or other incidents that need to be cleaned up. Capture data throughout the incident clean up to evidence the work and protect you from fraudulent claims.
  • Maintenance – planned and preventative
    • mpro5 gathers invaluable data which can improve maintenance on campus.
    • For example, data may show a faulty air con unit which needs replacing saving you money in the long term, rather than having to fix it every month.
    • Snagging – mpro5 enables you to record, schedule and assign maintenance tasks straight away improving efficiency and saving you time.
  • Instant Alerts
    • If staff are late or don’t turn up to a shift, your management team can be instantly alerted, so that a replacement can be sent out, ensuring jobs are never missed.
  • Time, Attendance and Proof of Presence
    • Ensure staff turn up when and where they are needed by logging time and attendance with proof of presence through NFC tags, QR code scanning and time stamped forms.
    • Accurate time logs allow for accurate billing and personnel management.
  • HR Management
    • mpro5 takes the headache out of HR with simple and complex forms available for completion and storage for later use.
    • Effectively managing staff becomes a breeze with everything from simple new starter and return to work forms, to formal grievance forms, completed with ease.
    • mpro5 is ideal for any business with a large mobile workforce and the potential for high staff turnover.
  • QR Location Scanning
    • Utilise QR scanning for different tasks in specific areas, allowing staff to log activities in locations or on machinery and equipment.
  • Cleaning Audits
    • Carry out cleaning audits to ensure your levels of service are where they should be.
    • Evidence the hard work your staff do and the quality, to help you retain existing and win new business.
    • Complete cleaning audits on location, recording and reporting back on completed tasks with a variety of media including photos, signatures and ratings for the job.

Security features and alerts

  • Real-time Alerts
    • Using mpro5 technology allows you to be alerted immediately, as incidents occur.
    • This allows quick response from your team on the ground, minimising the impact and saving you time and money.
    • Alerts can be received via email, SMS or push notifications, giving you peace of mind and flexibility to focus on the running of the business.
    • Via your online mpro5 site, management can monitor alerts from home, saving wasted trips to site.
    • Reporting with various graphs and charts via your mpro5 dashboard will allow for full visibility and total control.
  • User Safety
    • Ever worry about your lone staff, working in the field? mpro5 allows you to mobilise lone worker protection workflows, keeping your staff and your assets safe.
  • Enhance Proof of Presence
    • Ensure your patrol staff are checking the right areas at the right time and carrying out the jobs they need to.
    • With GPS and NFC tags, mpro5 will record staff location and report back, to let you know every job has been completed.
  • Custom Workflows Per Checkpoint
    • Create custom workflows for patrol staff, to monitor and record your staff’s activities.
    • By allowing security staff to record details of their checks with elements such as photos and drawings (canvasing) on your mobile device, you can be sure they have checked the right things in the correct areas.
  • Analytics
    • By producing custom reports, mpro5 allows you to see where you might be failing or where you are excelling.
    • From incident hotspots to problem checkpoints, full visibility of performance is an invaluable tool to increase your business efficiency.

These are just a few of the benefits and features our mpro5 customers experience. Click below to find out more about the platform and full service on offer.

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The great news is that mpro5 offers all its powerful features and benefits as a continual monthly service on subscription, meaning no heavy upfront costs. Mobile app, website, dashboards, reports, devices and even sim cards are all available.

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