Using mpro5 as preventative maintenance management software

Having an effective PPM system is critical to profitability. It is a way of avoiding unplanned downtime caused by equipment and asset failures by detecting possible issues which may arise. Using mpro5 as your preventative maintenance management software (or PPM software) is an ideal solution. mpro5 mobilises your planned preventative maintenance workflow from scheduled maintenance to anything that goes wrong. It ensures that all work is carried out correctly including proof of works capture and documentation to ensure you remain compliant.

One of mpro5’s key features is that it works offline, so staff can record information regardless of the quality of the wifi connection. This real-time data allows you to spot trends and ultimately make informed decisions in managing planned preventative maintenance whilst cutting down on the need for time consuming and unnecessary admin and paperwork.

mpro5 is easy to implement and highly configurable integrating with most 3rd part software you may have. Our team configure mpro5 to your business needs, giving you your very own planned preventative maintenance software solution.

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Facilities Management with mpro5

Features and benefits of using mpro5 as your planned preventative maintenance management software

Below are just a few of the features and benefits of using mpro5 as your PPM solution could bring to your business:

An easy to integrate PPM system

  • mpro5 is cloud hosted and can work alongside your existing 3rd party software.
  • mpro5 works offline so data can be recorded with or without a quality internet connection.
  • mpro5 runs on major mobile operating systems such as Apple, Android and Windows.

Tailored PPM software

  • mpro5 is set up and configured to suit your unique requirements by our team.
  • You are provided with a mobile application and a powerful website platform with scheduling, reporting and alerts, perfect for planned preventative maintenance management.
  • mpro5 continues to evolve with your business requirements, all part of your monthly subscription.

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Schedule regular maintenance to manage your facilities and carry out audit checks to ensure all is in good working order and that all jobs have been carried out as required.
  • Report on these via the mpro5 dashboard, to evidence client SLAs are being upheld, helping you to retain maintenance contracts.

Reactive Repairs

  • If you are alerted to an emergency job or incident, notify staff on the ground straight away, assigning the job accordingly and ensuring the incident is fixed without delay.

Incident Capture

  • Any incidents on location can be recorded with precise time logging and supporting evidence such as photos.

Quality Compliance

  • With compliance being a large part of the maintenance industry, ensuring your staff are adhering to quality standards can be tough.
  • mpro5 allows management teams to be sure that each job is carried out to the highest standard and is compliant with industry rules and regulations.
  • Carry out internal or client audits on works completed to ensure quality standards are upheld.

Installations and Replacements

  • Your staff can log new installations such as boiler replacements instantly keeping records up to date.
  • Track assets used in jobs on location, ensuring your staff have the tools they require to complete tasks.
  • Use QR codes and NFC tags to look up the maintenance history of each item or asset.

Health and Safety

  • Health and safety inspections can be carried out on location, without the need for paperwork and double data input afterwards.
  • Complete forms on your mobile device via the mpro5 app and capture evidence such as photos and signatures.

These are just a few of the benefits and features our mpro5 customers experience. Click below to find out more about the platform and full service on offer.

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The great news is that mpro5 offers all its powerful features and benefits as a continual monthly service on subscription, meaning no heavy upfront costs. Mobile app, website, dashboards, reports, devices and even sim cards are all available.

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