Using mpro5 as your HACCP management software

Providing food and catering is a big part of healthcare at various levels and providers are required to have a food safety management system in place. Using mpro5 as your HACCP management software can revolutionise your workflow and efficiency. mpro5 allows you to record and report many types of accidents and incidents including complaints by customers or patients and medical questionnaires. This makes the work of your HACCP champion a lot easier. Some premises providing temperature sensitive foods are required to capture and log detailed records of fridge temperatures to ensure food is stored correctly and safely. mpro5 makes this task less arduous by reducing the amount of manual data entry and documentation required. Our team tailor mpro5 to your unique requirements. Food safety regulations change continually, but due to the flexibility of mpro5’s functionality it can also evolve with your business needs so you can stay on top of things despite any changes. These are just a few of the ways in which mpro5 can help transform your food safety management system.

Mpro5 Overview

Features and benefits of using mpro5 as your HACCP management software

mpro5 has a seemingly endless number of functionality and configuration options.

Easy to implement

  • mpro5 is cloud hosted
  • It runs on a Microsoft Azure cloud hosted website, so no additional infrastructure is required.
  • mpro5 can also integrate intoyour existing 3rd party software.

Offline functionality

  • mpro5 works offline so information can be recorded regardless of the quality of your internet connection.
  • mpro5 runs on major mobile operating systems such as Apple, Android and Windows.

A tailored solution

  • Our team set up and configure mpro5 to suit your needs, creating your forms and workflows.
  • We provide you with a mobile platform and a powerful website application with scheduling, reports and alerts, perfect for use as your HACCP management software.
  • We continue to develop and grow mpro5 to evolve with your requirements, at no additional costs to you.

Paper-Free, Real-Time Monitoring

  • Replace paper-based processes with an innovate solution.
  • Access to real-time information provides you with a complete insight into the performance of the department, enabling better decisions and an improved service.
  • Real-time alerts can be received via email or SMS.
  • This means temperatures can be monitored offsite via your mpro5 website saving you from any wasted site visits.

These are just a few of the benefits and features our mpro5 customers experience. Click below to find out more about the platform and full service on offer.

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The great news is that mpro5 offers all its powerful features and benefits as a continual monthly service on subscription, meaning no heavy upfront costs. Mobile app, website, dashboards, reports, devices and even sim cards are all available.

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