What can mpro5 do for your cleaning business?

mpro5’s cleaning company scheduling software makes managing jobs and staff rotas simple. Managers can schedule cleaning jobs and assign them to staff out in the field. Cleaners then log onto mpro5 via their smartphone, tablet or rugged device at the start of their shift and download their list of scheduled jobs for the day. If at any point an unplanned ‘reactive’ job comes in, managers can access the mpro5 dashboard and assign the job to the nearest available cleaner. The cleaner will then receive an alert that notifies them of the new job details, location and requirements.

As well as managing jobs and staff, mpro5’s cleaning company scheduling software also allows managers to schedule automated administrative tasks that are otherwise very time-consuming. This might include things like payroll, logging new employees or generating customer reports.

mpro5’s cleaning company scheduling software case study

With the mpro5 cleaning company scheduling software, you can easily manage jobs from any location, have full control of your staff out in the field and save time on tedious administrative paperwork. Find out how mpro5 has helped other companies in the cleaning industry by watching the video below:

Your highly configurable cleaning company scheduling software

mpro5 is highly flexible and can be configured to suit the needs of any business, from large supermarkets to smaller cleaning companies. It is cross platform, meaning that it runs on most of the major mobile operating systems available including Apple iOS, Android and Windows.

In terms of infrastructure, there is a very low barrier of entry. As everything is cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure, you don’t need any internal infrastructure to run this solution. We set up, configure and manage your mpro5 system for you and continue to develop and grow mpro5 to evolve with your needs, at no extra cost to you. Think of the mpro5 team as an extension to your IT team.

We provide you with a mobile application and a powerful website platform to help you and your employees access important information wherever you are. Due to its adaptability, mpro5 can integrate into other systems, to sync data to and from your existing infrastructure. So, if you have other 3rd party applications we could integrate with those via our web services.

Features and Benefits of mpro5’s cleaning company scheduling software

Below are just a few of the features and benefits of the mpro5 cleaning company scheduling software.

mpro5 scheduling features:

  • Ability to schedule staff rotas
  • Schedule regular tasks and jobs that need to be completed, hourly, daily, weekly or to any other recurrence.
  • Real-time alerts to notify staff of incoming jobs in addition to scheduled jobs.
  • Alerts to warn management of missed jobs or unsatisfactory audit scores – via SMS and email
  • Automated scheduled reporting to show the value of your work to customers.
  • Scheduled form creation for HR, new employees, new contracts etc.
  • Scheduled cleaning audits to ensure the quality of your service is where it should be and to help you retain business.

Benefits of the mpro5 cleaning company scheduling platform:

  • Automated scheduling of forms and admin eliminates time-consuming and costly paperwork, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Scheduling tasks and rotas offers an effective solution for managing multiple cleaning jobs and staff out in the field
  • Better customer communication; scheduled reports sent back to the clients to evidence proof of work completed through photographs, time and date stamps and signatures.

Not just a scheduling platform – mpro5 has many other benefits for your cleaning business

  • Incident capture – you can immediately alert staff of spillages or other incidents that need to be cleaned up via the mpro5 platform. Capture data throughout the incident clean up to evidence the work and protect you from fraudulent claims.
  • Training manuals and important documents can be added to the mpro5 database, which is easily accessible to staff out in the field and can be automatically attributed to particular job types.
  • Managers have full visibility of their business through the synchronised real-time data that is easily accessible via the mpro5 dashboard.
  • mpro5 gathers data which allows you to assess which areas of your business are working well and which are failing. This data is invaluable to your service.
  • mpro5 software is easy to implement and configured to the exact needs of every business.

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The great news is that mpro5 offers all its powerful features and benefits as a continual monthly service on subscription, meaning no heavy upfront costs. Mobile app, website, dashboards, reports, devices and even sim cards are all available.

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