mpro5 Barcode Inventory Software

Accurately manage your inventory and enhance your profitability with the mpro5 barcode inventory software. This revolutionary software enables scanned inventory items to be consistently tracked and documented in your personal database without paperwork. Monitoring your stock with mpro5 reduces the likelihood of misplaced or lost inventory, eliminates the possibility of data entry errors, simplifies product identification, removes inconvenient paper trails and can save your business time and money. Even better, the mpro5 barcode inventory software is completely mobile, allowing you to track your inventory wherever you are. It even works offline, allowing you to capture data in the most remote locations.

mpro5 Overview

An Easy to Implement and Adaptable Software

mpro5 can be configured to streamline and suit almost any business. It is cross platform compatible, meaning that it runs on most of the major mobile operating systems available such as Apple, Android and Windows.

In terms of infrastructure there is a very low barrier of entry. As everything is cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure, you don’t need any internal infrastructure to run this solution. We set up, configure and manage your mpro5 system for you and continue to develop and grow mpro5 to evolve with your needs.

We provide you with a mobile platform and a powerful website application to host your barcode data, task lists, alerts and digital forms, helping you manage your inventory on the go. Due to its adaptability, mpro5 can integrate into other systems, to sync data to and from your existing infrastructure. So, if you have any other 3rd party applications we can integrate with those via our web services.

Managing your stock with mpro5 barcode inventory software

Using mpro5 to manage your inventory means you can ensure information is regularly and accurately recorded, including delivery information, warehouse transfers, inventory counts, inventory collection or product order selection. Find out more:

Features and Benefits of mpro5 for Barcode Inventory Software

Below are just a few of the features and benefits the mpro5 barcode inventory software could add to your business:

Full Visibility and Tracking

  • Trace deliveries the whole way, from scheduling to completion.
  • Utilise QR scanning to log deliveries and activities once completed at specific locations.
  • Manage your inventory from a distance by following its progress.
  • Monitor stock deliveries so that you are alerted of any potential delays.


  • Replace time-consuming paper documentation and manual data capture with ultra-fast barcode scanning.
  • Instantly capture key inventory data and sync it to your mpro5 cloud based website for real time reporting and analysis. .

Mobilised Workflow

  • Document inventory status whilst on the go, ensuring progress is regularly recorded.
  • Easily keep track of stock levels, simply by accessing the shared database.
  • Record inventory data in remote locations withthe ability to work offline.

Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

  • Capture inventory data in seconds and eliminate time-consuming paperwork.
  • Ensure that all inventory is accounted for with specific barcode product identification.
  • Carry out stock checks in a matter of minutes rather than days with the alert feature which notifies you as soon as the inventory arrives.
  • Synchronised, real-time data that can be accessed by all staff via the mpro5 website.
  • Alert the ordering team to raise stock orders and replenish stock without delay.

Eliminates Human Error

  • Collect inventory data with absolute accuracy using the barcode scanner.
  • Gather information about current stock levels, usage levels and the expiry of products in crucial industries such ashealthcare and pharmaceuticals.

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What can be included


The great news is that mpro5 offers all its powerful features and benefits as a continual monthly service on subscription, meaning no heavy upfront costs. Mobile app, website, dashboards, reports, devices and even sim cards are all available.

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