Those in retail management are under increasing pressure to streamline their business processes in order to stay competitive and grow their business. But how do you measure how much business is being lost on a daily, monthly and on an annual basis? By implementing a cloud-based system you can take true control of your business. This short video will demonstrate how this works :



mpro5 is already helping retailers to save costs through:

  • Incident Investigation – capturing all information, including photo evidence relating to any incidents in stores.
  • Job scheduling – manage staff online and have clear visibility on availability.
  • Automated Alerts – mobile notifications to any required staff to help manage a job.
  • Audit completion – carrying out regular checks to ensure all stores meet a high standard.
  • Dashboards and Reporting – providing management teams with accurate data regarding store performance


These are just a few of the benefits retailers are already experiencing today. The time is now for migrating to a cloud-based retail management platform. There’s no doubt that your competition has already made the move or is in the process.  Call us today on 01892 54 24 44 or leave your details here and we will contact you.

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