What is the Spectra5 Autism Assistant App and how is it helping?

Developed in association with Autism Hampshire and our partner OneCom, spectra5 is a unique app, designed to help people with autism. The main focus of spectra5 is to help users communicate with the police and emergency services teams, should they find themselves in a stressful or anxious situation. Our spectra5 autism app works alongside the Autism Alert Card and Autism Passport – also conceived by the Autism Hampshire in 2005 & 2008, respectively.

At Crimson Tide, we are immensely proud of spectra5 and the life-changing effect it has for its users. From regaining the confidence to go about their day to day routine to learning to cope with stressful situations. spectra5 is thoroughly tested by real-life users and their feedback is used to improve the app.

The Spectra5 Autism Assistant App is giving people with Autism the tools to cope with stressful or anxious situations

How does the Spectra5 Autism Assistant App work?

The App functions as an identity card, which users keep on their smartphone. Should you find yourself in a situation with a member of the public, police or emergency services, simply present the app to communicate your condition. It can help you feel safer in situations that you find challenging and enable you to communicate more effectively.

One great benefit of the app is the storage of personalised information about the user and their autism. This helps police and emergency service’s personnel calm and support the user in the best possible way.

Spectra5 can also be helpful in your daily life including work, education, and leisure.

A guide to how to deal with various emotional states is also included. Advice is available for how to help if the user is sad, angry, anxious or overexcited, such as ‘What happens when I get anxious and uncomfortable?’ – “I will try and escape the situation by running away and hiding. I may shout and swear at you.”

Specifically developed with the user in mind, the app is easy to use and tested by a number of people with autism, to ensure it is fit for purpose. We also encourage users to share their feedback, so that we can continue to develop and improve its functionality.

Spectra5 provides you with: 

  • Access to a personal web page so that you can create, change and update your own information
  • An app which you can download onto your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS)
  • The ability to edit all your information on your smartphone or tablet
  • The ability to email selected information from your app

What is on the Spectra Autism Assistant App?

Crisis Plan and Contacts – a form for emergency contact details and information about how other people can help you in a crisis or challenging situation. There is also space to include information which might be particularly useful to the police or emergency services.

Quick Profile – a form for information that you could show quickly to enable other people to understand adjustments that help you, communication, sensory and anxiety.

Autism Alert Card – an electronic version of the Autism Alert card.

My Autism – a form where you can include detailed information about different adjustments that help you.

My Strategies – a form where you can list your personal strategies for coping in situations you find challenging, to use as a reminder when you are in a challenging situation.

My Tasks – a useful organisation tool where you can set yourself tasks. Confirmation that you have completed a task or an alert to indicate that you haven’t.

Useful Links – a section which provides web links to autism and emergency organisations, including details of services that Autism Hampshire can offer, other local and national autism directories that may be useful, how to report a crime and much more.

Click here for Autism Hampshire helpful leaflet which explains the Assistive App

How do I get hold of the Spectra5 software for Autism?

To apply for Spectra5 please use this link to apply for your app on the Autism Hampshire Website. The app is then downloadable straight onto your smartphone. Once you have registered, you will need to fill out a form with information including your emergency contact and how to help you in various situations. Once complete this information is stored securely in your app using your username and password. Changes to your information will be automatically updated in the app, via Autism Hampshire.

Spectra5 benefits, as described  by our users:
  • An additional safety blanket for use when out and about
  • A more private way to inform others of their autism
  • The app gives users more independence
  • Helps people deal with the person with autism in a way that best suits the individual and their needs

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