How can mpro5’s security guard management software improve your business?

Whether you run a security provider or are in charge of the security requirements for a business, mpro5 can improve your staff and business efficiency. Through our powerful security management software, tailored website and dashboard for your management team, mpro5 ensures staff carry out the jobs they need to, allowing scheduling and reporting back on progress.

mpro5 gives your clients peace of mind with proof of presence, incident reporting, and monitored time and attendance.

If you have concerns over the security of your facilities, assets and even staff, then mpro5 can provide you and your customers with real-time visibility of the feet on the ground. Ensure efficiency and quality with mpro5’s security management software.

mpro5 works hard for you to reduce the everyday issues you face as a business.

Features and benefits of the mpro5 security management software include:

Real-time Alerts
Using mpro5 technology allows you to be alerted immediately, as incidents occur. This allows quick response from your team on the ground, minimising the impact and saving you time and money. Alerts can be received via email, SMS or push notifications, giving you peace of mind and flexibility to focus on the running of the business. Via your online mpro5 site, management can monitor alerts from home, saving wasted trips to site. Reporting and graphs via your mpro5 dashboard will allow for full visibility and total control.

User Safety 
Ever worry about your lone staff, working in the field? mpro5 allows you to mobilise lone worker protection workflows, keeping your staff and your assets safe.

Enhanced Proof of Presence
Ensure your patrol staff are checking the right areas at the right time and carrying out the jobs they need to. With GPS and NFC tags, mpro5 will record staff location and report back, to let you know every job has been completed.

Custom workflows per checkpoint
Create custom workflows for patrol staff, to monitor and record your staff’s activities. By allowing security staff to record details of their checks with elements such as photos and drawings, you can be sure they have checked the right things in the correct areas.

By producing custom reports, mpro5 allows you to see where you might be failing or where you are excelling. From incident hotspots to problem checkpoints, full visibility of performance is an invaluable tool to increase your business efficiency.

These are just a few of the benefits and features our mpro5 customers experience with our innovative security guard management software. Click below to find out more about the platform and full service on offer.

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