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Security: ISO27001 – we have passed again

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Security with ISO27001

We are not your usual software company you know. We are audited every year to achieve ISO 27001 accreditation. Well done to the team that has to do all the work but hopefully clients and new customers are reassured that we take processes and security seriously!

So what is ISO 27001? No, it is not R2D2’s long lost cousin twice removed. It is a security standard that ensures we take account of all potential risks and provide information security controls. This certification is designed to cover much more than just IT. Basically, we are making sure we keep both your and our information safe and secure.

Why is this such a big deal? You’ve all seen the constant threat the world is under from hackers. More importantly, when our information is available to the world it can have disastrous effects. Personally, I don’t want people to know my address, phone number, bank details and what I had for breakfast. With a hacker attack every 39 seconds it can be more than a bit concerning. That is why adhering to ISO 27001 is something we are very proud of.

Security Online

So, while we are on the subject of security, what can you do to keep yourself safe online? Well, change those passwords first: password, fluffy123, Magaluf2012 are all out. Perhaps try a password manager that will make highly secure passwords and remember them for you. Next, take a look at those old accounts you have. Remember Myspace? Hackers target your weakest accounts to get a first password to slowly gain access to your more valuable details.

Security in the Cloud

mpro5 founder Barrie Whipp comments on security in the cloud here.


At mpro5, we are #notjustanapp which is why we are doing everything we can to keep information secure. If you want to help your business perform more efficiently while having a safe and secure experience then get in contact here.



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