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Rail and Transport Software

Train stations, airports, and bus stations, underneath the heavy footfall and passenger expectations, are run on the collaboration of many teams to ensure all customers feel safe using your services and have a fantastic experience every time they rely on you.  

Multiple teams must move as one to maintain hygiene and safety standards, without customers realising it is happening. Transport managers must ensure that teams are effectively and efficiently deployed: cutting down on time wastage, maintaining compliance and reacting to challenges swiftly. 


mpro5 quietly operates in the background to link teams, automate reporting, digitise paperwork, create workflows and more, to ensure a consistently exceptional customer experience.

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Our Transport clients include:

Featured Case Study: Northern


We configured Northern’s platform to deliver a seamless, easy to use interface for the auditing team that delivers against all the SQ Regime committed obligations for RNP and internal stakeholders. Read the case study to learn how mpro5 helped Northern Rail to develop a cutting-edge solution for the new Service Quality Regimes.
London Train Tube station Blur people movement in rush hour at King's Cross station, England, UK

Your mpro5 Transport Compliance Management Software can include:

Health and Safety

Checks, reports and risk assessment.

Reports and Alerts

Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork

Proof of Presence

Live reporting, scheduled tasks and monitoring

Proof of Delivery

Before and after, timestamps and signatures

Lone Worker

Safety, security and ease of tracking locations

COVID19 Secure

Proof of patrols, cleaning and covid checklists

Key benefits of our software

Why choose mpro5 as your Transport Management Software providers?

In addition to organising shifts and monitoring employee clock-ins and clock-outs, transport managers can pre-set workflows via the mpro5 online platform so that all employees have a clear understanding of what the day holds for them. Other features available via mpro5‘s configured transport software include:

Ensuring that all customers and staff are safe and comfortable.

Company directors may want to request a bespoke Power BI dashboard implementation, offering dynamic data visualisation of essential metrics to help you create strategies that will move the needle.

Through the mpro5 app, each team has access to features required to perform their duties effectively. For example, cleaning teams often lose valuable time carrying out checks on bathrooms that aren’t frequented regularly. With mpro5, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors can be set up that trigger an automatic task when a bathroom door has been opened and closed a specific number of times or soap dispenser levels drop below a particular level. This allows cleaners to tackle other more pertinent tasks with the time saved from regular checks.


Similarly, all compliance paperwork can be digitised and completed out in the field for vehicle maintenance, audits and other checks. This prevents accidental misinformation from employees completing these essential documents at the end of their shifts and makes compliance easy to evidence. If a check does not meet minimum requirements, an automated alert and follow up job will be sent to the relevant person to react as quickly as possible, preventing any issues from arising.

Implementing your Rail Management Software

We have extensive experience with transport organisations, helping to optimise their processes to save time and money and improve higher-level decision making. We can host a demo where we will showcase the functions and features available through mpro5. We will also discuss your current pain points and advise you on which functions can resolve those issues for you. 


When you are ready to proceed, our team will configure your platform, working with you to ensure key functionality is delivered within 30 days. In the days and weeks following delivery of your custom build, we will remain in contact, issuing further optimisations to improve performance. From here, you can enter a subscription service whereby you can add, alter or remove features and functions as your business grows. Our team can action any change requests swiftly and at no additional cost. 


Likewise, should you come across any issues with the platform, our response team is on hand to look into these as quickly as possible.

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