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Healthcare Compliance Management Software

The healthcare sector is a hyper-reactive, high-stress environment where compliance is crucial. Yet, so much time is swept up by cumbersome paperwork that keeps your team from their daily activities. In addition to being time-consuming, healthcare compliance and requirements are constantly evolving, forcing you to drop old processes and take on new ones, which is tiring for everyone.


mpro5 makes scheduling, completing and recording jobs faster, easier and more efficient. This digital way of working creates a fully compliant audit trail and the ability to quickly access the data you need to evidence compliance in an environment where there can be no room for error.

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Featured Case Study: NHS Trust

Keeping Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust Properties Safe

NHS Mental Health trusts often have a large estate to manage including multiple sites, buildings and clinics that require maintenance and compliance checks, as well as handling large numbers of reactive issues.

This case study shows how the flexible nature of mpro5 can allow for wide-scale roll-out and return on investment across even the largest businesses.
Nurse making the bed at a hospital

mpro5 is a fully flexible configured software. The team can digitise any healthcare and facilities management forms, paperwork and workflows, including the new NHS National Standards of Cleanliness 50 point check, consolidating all requirements and processes into one easy-to-access and use platform.


Your healthcare compliance management software will automatically generate remedial action jobs, alerts, and escalations based on the information captured from the team. The automated functionality ensures that vital information is sent to the right person or department straight away to be actioned swiftly before potential issues become problems.


We don’t believe in off-the-shelf applications and will configure your platform to your requirements. We will ascertain which functionality and features would best benefit you and your teams in our consultation, removing any aspects you don’t require. This way, you can utilise the platform across all teams, and with a permissions hierarchy they will only have access to the features and functions that matter to them.


With our bespoke management dashboards, all essential information is available to you at the touch of a button. The software can automatically generate reports based on the metrics you care about, saving you precious time.


As a subscription model, our agile technology can evolve with you. And as processes change, you can request alterations or additions, so your team doesn’t lose time adapting to entirely new technology.

Your mpro5 Healthcare Compliance Management Software can include:

Health and Safety

Checks, reports and risk assessment.

Reports and Alerts

Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork

Proof of Presence

Live reporting, scheduled tasks and monitoring

Time and Attendance

Variety of clock-in/out options available

Job Management

Task scheduling and completion with protocol compliance

COVID19 Secure

Proof of patrols, cleaning and covid checklists

Key benefits of our Software

Implementing Your Healthcare Compliance Management Software

Our healthcare experts specialise in implementing mpro5’s agile software into healthcare settings. We will happily take you through a demo so that you can see exactly how you and your team can benefit from the software. Following this, we will work closely with you to ascertain which mpro5 functions and features will help streamline processes, saving you and your team valuable time.


Your configured software solution, including your app, will be ready to use within 30 days. As you start using the system and the data is being captured, we continue to make valuable recommendations and alterations so that you get the most out of your investment.

Our subscription services mean that these additions or alterations can be deployed swiftly and at no additional cost as your company evolves.

Our reactive support team is available to answer any queries or troubleshoot any problems swiftly.

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