How can mpro5’s retail software solution help your business?

mpro5 is leading the way in revolutionising how retail stores run behind the scenes and on the shop floor. From food preparation and transportation, to cleaning, maintenance and protecting from fraudulent claims. A versatile and highly configurable service, mpro5’s retail management software can be used for countless different workflows across a retail store, distribution centre, fulfilment centre, even in your head office.

Several large retailers are already harnessing the power of mpro5, improving their operational processes, making them more efficient. Allowing retailers to understand more about what is going on in their sites, helps to make their retail stores more efficient, safer and cleaner environments.

mpro5’s retail software solution helps retailers improve business efficiency from the shop floor to the head office.

Features and benefits of our retail management software include:

Cleaner and Safer Stores
Our mpro5 Housekeeper solution is a great showcase of how we can help make your retail stores cleaner and safer. Staff can capture any incident using the platform as well as completing scheduled checks and cleans on an hourly basis. Reporting on all activity gives the retailer confidence and evidence that all areas of a site have been cleaned on a set regular basis. Fraudulent claims are reduced due to alerts, informing of any spillages or incidents, so that they can be dealt with in a timely fashion.

Improved Security
Security guards are able to conduct their man guarding patrols, using either NFC tags or 2D bar codes for proof of presence on their mobile device. Workflows at each check point are also easy to complete and report on, such as environmental checks, fire alarms, fire escapes and so on. Moreover, just like your cleaning and maintenance staff, security guards can capture incidents in stores using mpro5.

Track and Trace
mpro5 leads the industry in track and trace technology. Tracking food delivered to your sites and core products used in making products in store, allows you to trace and recall any affected food items in the event of an outbreak of food related illness. Track and Trace allows you to react fast, finding the source and limiting exposure to your customers and damage to your business.

Temperature Monitoring and Alerts
Using mpro5 technology allows you to monitor temperatures onsite, 24/7, eliminating stock loss. Configure individual thermometers with flexible tolerances on your sites and receive alerts via email or SMS if the temperature changes out of normal range. Via your online mpro5 site, management can monitor alerts form home, saving wasted trips to site. Reporting and graphs via your mpro5 dashboard will allow for full visibility and total control, protecting stock form wasting.

QR Location Scanning
Utilise QR scanning for different tasks in specific areas, allowing staff to log activities in location or on machinery and equipment. Perfect for in store cleaning and maintenance jobs.

These are just a few of the benefits and features our mpro5 customers experience with our innovative retail management software. Click below to find out more about the platform and full service on offer.

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