mpro5 generates reports and alerts automatically, distributing them, meaning you’ll no longer need to worry about manually creating them. All that time you spend manually reporting can be put to better use! You can rely on mpro5 to produce both internal and customer-facing PDF reports. mpro5 emails them to the right people at the right time with your branding. Reports and alerts (along with Maps and Graphs) tell you what has been done, where, automatically!


Reports are automatically created upon job completion. You can access them at any time to gain accurate insights into who completes which jobs, when.


Be ready to download or print reports at any time to share with others. mpro5 automatically generates reports as PDFs so you don’t have to. No more time wasted!


When jobs or workflow are completed or scheduled, make sure the right people are alerted by SMS or email. The relevant report can be attached to your email alerts.


Your report headers can display your business’ branding. If you are doing work for clients,  reports can also include customers’ logos, and be sent straight to them.


Get weekly or monthly reports of the jobs and flows completed. These summaries can reflect a time frame, a particular site or only of items that require further attention…and more.


You’ll have access to a suite of out-of-the-box reports. We can also work with you to create customised reports that suit any further requirements you have.

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