mpro5 ensures stations and trains are kept to high standards for Arriva Rail Northern. Northern use their powerful mpro5 system for both train and station cleaning and auditing. Their important processes are now all paperless and hugely more efficient. In addition, we installed tags in every carriage of Northern’s train fleet. As a result, users can tap-in to easily confirm the carriage they are auditing at that time. In partnership, we met tight delivery timescales and continue to provide reporting, maps and graphs for the management teams. Northern has so far enjoyed productivity gains of “up to 25%, with no drop off in quality of service”.


Case details

Transportation, Cleaning

Before mpro5

Prior to mpro5, Northern found it difficult to deliver on their committed obligations within the franchise agreement with Rail North Partnership. The technology in place before mpro5 had a lack of key functionality as well as the inability to adapt to change quickly. Northern were missing out on any meaningful gains. This was negatively impacting the relationship with stakeholders at Rail North Partnership. Northern was finding their previous Service Quality solution to be both inflexible and unable to deliver accurate scoring to Rail North Partnership. This system caused Service Quality agreement breaches as a result. Northern did not have a view of carriage cleaning nor a feedback mechanism for performance.


Northern therefore, wanted a system to help them effectively deliver accurate Service Quality scores to their client. The company also needed a tool for aiding them in better managing, monitoring and controlling of carriage cleaning. Such cleaning operations are taking place throughout their fleet each day. In addition, they hoped for the ability to provide feedback to cleaning operations based on objective internal auditing. Finally, Northern saw the need to manage remedial actions with contractors. This would be based on Service Quality scoring and could demonstrate compliance with Service Level Agreements.

Cleaning and auditing on mobile

mpro5 and Arriva Rail Northern worked closely together to deliver their system for cleaning operations. All of Northern’s relevant processes are carried out with mobile devices. As a result,¬†Northern now have an extremely powerful paperless auditing solution. When the users raise an issue, mpro5 automatically schedules follow-up actions. These actions are subsequently also completed on mobile devices.

Reports, maps and graphs

Furthermore, mpro5 continue to adapt the system for requirements changes, often turning changes round on the same day. The team at mpro5 also built and provided real-time management reporting and dashboards. Moreover, the graphs and statistics show all the data captured from the mobile app to generate the insight they need.

Toby Hawkins from mpro5 gives some additional insight below. Toby worked very closely with this customer throughout their journey towards the perfect solution for their needs.

Firstly, Northern identified the key goal as capturing and reporting on the state of the stations and trains across the Northern estate. The powerful and flexible auditing capabilities of mpro5 are helping to provide compliant scoring. mpro5 delivers this scoring, along with reporting, maps and graphs to all internal and external stakeholders. Moreover, mpro5 deployed the system in less than 4 weeks. Northern continue to demonstrate significant improvements to their client, and fast. The Service Quality team were able to instinctively, consistently and accurately capture and report in real-time. mpro5 removed the need to double enter data and spend lots of time on administrating the process. Finally, they were able to not only meet but exceed the franchise obligations.

Time and money saved

mpro5 helps keep stations and trains to high standard for Northern. Firstly, mpro5 is set up to automatically schedule corrective actions when certain responses are given within the mobile app. Importantly, Northern have saved a huge time lag between issues being reported, and them being resolved.

mpro5 has helped Northern with provable and set standards. In addition, Northern are now able to look at trends for improvements using their reports, alerting, maps and graphs. Management have a live view of audits as they come in, as well as trends across periods. Hence, it’s easy for them to see and know about problem areas quickly.

In terms of Service Quality, Northern now have accurate scoring for franchise compliance. All the while, they save time and money on paper and administration.

From mpro5’s perspective

mpro5 are delighted with the partnership we have formed with Northern. The implementation has delivered over and above the value we expected. Also, the dedication of the multiple departments involved made this possible. We are, of course, well aware of the power of mpro5 but to see it materialise so quickly and effectively has been a genuine pleasure.  РToby Hawkins, mpro5

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