mpro5 helps deliver Brennans Bread products across Ireland

mpro5 helps deliver Brennans Bread products across Ireland. Brennans are one of the largest bakeries in Ireland. Since adopting mpro5 over 5 years ago, Brennans now achieve greater efficiency when delivering ‘Today’s Bread Today’. mpro5 and Brennans continually work together to ensure the app is as user-friendly as possible for the 200+ delivery drivers.

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Before mpro5

Before using mpro5, Brennans relied heavily on paperwork, which was becoming unmanageable. Importantly, poor visibility of product levels meant Brennans were unable to accurately understand what was in stock and how many items they had delivered.

Furthermore, Brennans had the logistical headache of managing over 200 delivery drivers. Scheduling jobs was complex and slow. Then, there was no way to know when a delivery drivers were completing their jobs and how many loaves they supplied. Brennans couldn’t make real-time decisions. Understanding sales and returns was also difficult.


Brennans needed a solution that would allow them to cut down the large amounts of paperwork they had to complete. They also needed the ability to assign jobs to delivery drivers and to know which stores had been stocked up at what time. Brennans were looking for an easy way to oversee their deliveries.

Proof of Delivery

mpro5 helps deliver Brennans Bread products across Ireland by scheduling their jobs and recording their sales and returns. Brennans drivers download jobs in the mpro5 app on their Android mobile devices to complete daily. The job advises them where they need to deliver to and when. Brennans mpro5 delivery jobs span all over Ireland, from corner shops to supermarkets. mpro5 automatically timestamps the jobs and syncs back to the cloud to give real-time statuses from arrival to completion. Those back at the office can see live deliveries.

During a delivery, the app prompts drivers to check the shelves for Brennans products. They’ll then deliver the required amount to fill the shelves, and record this on the app.  mpro5 lets them scan any products that have to be removed as they are out-of-date.

Ongoing improvement

Furthermore, mpro5 continue to adapt the system for requirements changes, often turning changes round on the same day. We work closely with Brennans to make sure they get maximum value from using the system. The team at mpro5 also built and provided real-time management reporting and dashboards. Moreover, the graphs and statistics show all the delivery information the drivers recorded from the mobile app to generate the insight they need.

Reports, maps and graphs

Once a job is completed by the driver, mpro5 syncs all information back to the Brennans Bread secure Cloud based portal. From the portal, the management team can analyse the data, view reports and schedule further jobs. This data provides them with instant access and invaluable insight. They can see daily workings and performance of the drivers and the number of sales and returns. This helps them to manage their output and avoid wastage.

Bluetooth Printing

Despite going paperless in their data capture, some shopkeepers still requested paper receipts for their records. Delivery drivers therefore received Zebra Bluetooth portable printers, allowing them to print receipts if and when required.

Time and Money saved

Brennans now deliver without filling out paperwork, replacing their previous proof of delivery dockets. Those dockets comprised of 3 sheets of paper for each shop, per day. Removing paperwork from the sales and returns process has been extremely beneficial. Firstly, they save lots of money on paper, ink and printing, as well as time on administration. mpro5 has removed the risk of double data entry and human error.

Brennans Bread is now an increasingly efficient business with reduced paperwork and increased visibility, allowing them to make informed decisions.

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