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mpro5 helps manage healthcare stock

mpro5 helps manage healthcare stock for Aquilant, leading provider of healthcare and scientific products and services. Aquilant uses mpro5’s barcode scanning feature for collecting and recording stock information. They are now enjoying much easier, faster auditing. Alerting also triggers when items reach their expiry dates and when they need to order more products. mpro5 reduces the time spent on audits, whilst also decreasing the value of products they are holding on site.

Case details

Asset Management

The Challenge

About Aquilant

Aquilant has teams of Sales Managers who distribute and manage stock throughout the UK. This stock is made up of their Orthopaedic Equipment range of revision hip and knee implants. It also includes Interventional products (Cardiology, Radiology, Vascular etc.). Aquilant’s asset management needs to be efficient and accurate. This is primarily to ensure hospital staff have the tools they need to carry out surgeries and deal with emergencies. Clearly, not having the stock they need, when they need it could have sometimes fatal consequences.

Paper, paper, paper

Aquilant found their old system to be outdated. They performed paper-based and time consuming processes. Aquilant were facing long delays in updating records, as well as being subject to human error on input. This didn’t fall in line with their commitment to quality and providing excellent distribution. Firstly, Sales Managers spent days carrying out lengthy stock takes. Secondly, checking expiry dates was done manually and staff posted paper forms back to head office. Finally, staff had to input the records manually.

Inefficient scheduling

Aquilant also has service divisions supporting both Endoscopy and Critical Care. They previously managed their service scheduling through Outlook Calendars and they were completing service jobs on paper. This was largely a manual process, creating difficulty when they needed to review on a per customer basis. Reviewing in this way meant they were finding all the necessary paperwork in each customer file every time. They were left waiting until staff had posted forms to the office before Aquilant could bill the customer. This system was slow and was causing unnecessary delays.

The goal

Aquilant wanted a system for handling their asset management needs using technology. They needed it to ensure that they are keeping the required levels of each product at each customer location. Perhaps the same system would handle all of their service scheduling needs? Aquilant’s end goal was for one solution for their staff to use to record and process their stock data.


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The Solution

From delivery to report

mpro5 helps manage healthcare stock for Aquilant, starting with deliveries. It alerts them of any potential delays. Then when the stock arrives, teams quickly and easily scan in stock items using the app. Scanning an item gathers crucial information about the stock level, usage and the expiry date.

mpro5 generates Reports and Alerts to show what to order when someone uses a product or it is nearing expiry.  Aquilant use their reports towards the jobs with regards to orders and additional stock checks. mpro5 schedules these jobs down to the users’ devices and attaches all the information they need.

Visit scheduling and instant reports

For managing services, mpro5 helps Aquilant schedule maintenance visits and pushes them out to users. The users can then complete jobs and reports on their phone or tablet, onsite. The customer can therefore sign the work immediately. Furthermore, mpro5 sends an automatic report to the office, including the work and signatures, instantly. The customer also receives a copy of their report in real time.

Better control, time savings

mpro5 improves control and view of Aquilant’s stock. mpro5 saves sales staff so much time on audits, whilst also reducing the value of product they are holding onsite. The real-time reports mean Aquilant quickly meet their customer’s requirements for Consignment Stock, and Loan Kits.

Aquilant’s mpro5 portal shows all equipment they are holding in the field with its important information. Their teams now know, at the touch of a button, each product’s history. In addition, they can view which jobs mpro5 schedules against these products for the future. Plus, the portal shows both past and future service visits to different customer locations. It updates live when users perform their visits. mpro5 has made the whole billing process quicker for service jobs. Aquilant and their customers now have greater visibility on visit scheduling.


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