mpro5 helps service Illy coffee machines

mpro5 ensures Illy coffee machines look great. Euro Food Brands’ sales and service team use mpro5 on tablets to complete audits of all of its coffee machines. mpro5 asks users questions relating to the quality of the coffee as well as the workings and cleanliness of each machine part.

Prior to using mpro5, staff from Euro Food Brands came into the office every Friday to complete unfinished paperwork. Now, staff complete all paperwork on their tablets whilst on the job.

Case details


About Euro Food Brands

Euro Food Brands is dedicated to bringing specialist international produce to the UK market. As sole distributor of Illy coffee, Euro Food Brands commits to maintaining the quality and standards of the Illy brand. To achieve this, the company performs regular audits on all of its coffee machines that serve Illy coffee. Everything from the temperature of the water, to the grind of the bean can affect the overall taste and experience for the consumer. It’s therefore important to maintain the machines regularly to keep the Illy brand standards high, and without compromise.

Vast amounts of paperwork was slowing the company down

Euro Food Brands was facing challenges with a process that was entirely paper-based. With 4,000 customer sites involved, the amount of paperwork and hours of admin involved were very high. Besides being a huge waste of resources (ink, printing costs), the operation was time consuming, inefficient and prone to human error. Furthermore, office staff had to manually re-enter data and make customer reports. These reports would often take days to produce.

The company therefore wanted to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs. Euro Food Brands also wanted to speed up customer reporting to enhance the service for its clients.

Auditing coffee machines on a tablet

mpro5 helps make Illy coffee machines look great. The Euro Food Brands team use the app to audit against brand standards. mpro5 asks about the coffee quality and the state of the machine parts. For example, the grinder, blades and milk steamer.

mpro5’s intelligent workflows are quicker to complete than those on paper. This is partly because the app only presents the user with the next question that is relevant to their answer. For example, if a user records that a machine part is dirty, the next question will ask for a photo. But, if the user records the part as clean, mpro5 skips to the next relevant question. Additionally, mpro5 automatically calculates audit scores as the user progresses through the workflow.

Euro Food Brands’ mpro5 portal

When users capture data on the mpro5 app, this synchronises with Euro Food Brand’s cloud-based mpro5 portal. As soon as a user has completed an audit, mpro5 emails managerial staff with the audit report.

From the portal, office staff can see data in real-time and run reports to compare results across the organisation. For example, they can determine which sites are performing best. Consequently, they can better target improvements based on real evidence and trends.

A major benefit of the system has been the fact that mpro5 works on and offline. If one of its team loses mobile coverage or Wi-Fi, the mpro5 app securely stores all the data on the device. Then, when the connection is restored, mpro5 pushes all the data back up to the cloud.

Improved customer experience

Euro Food Brands is able to supply its own customers with same day reports by giving secure access to the client portal. The portal enables them to view and access audit data in real time. As a result, trust and transparency increases between Euro Food Brands and its clients.

Less paper, more time

Over the many years of using mpro5, Euro Food Brands has benefited from large cost reductions. This is primarily a result of lowering paper usage. But, in addition mpro5 eliminated the need to spend time in the office to catch up. As a result, staff now have an additional day available to spend meeting and servicing customers. This inevitably leads to increased business opportunities.

Better overview

The company also has much more in-depth understanding of the different business units within its organisation. It can easily and quickly identify areas which require improvement and act on them accordingly.

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