mpro5 helps keep leisure centres safe and compliant for 1Life

mpro5 helps keep leisure centres compliant and safe for 1Life. 1Life is a forward-thinking lifestyle and management solutions company. They engage with people in local communities to enhance lives through health and well-being, physical activity, learning and the arts. 1Life uses mpro5 to carry out a range of daily, weekly and monthly regulatory compliance checks. They also use mpro5 to track and manage assets, with automatic job scheduling.

Implementing mpro5’s powerful solution meant that 1Life could do away with paper-based forms. As a result, they have better security, better visibility and have increased efficiency. mpro5 helps 1Life guarantee that they are working within compliance guidelines.

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Pool Testing

When testing swimming pools there are stringent tests that need to be abided by for public safety and compliance (such as PH levels, temperatures, etc). 1Life had limited visibility on the time these tests where completed and whether the tests where out of threshold.

Facilities Checks

1Life employees complete morning and afternoon checks of facilities to ensure that they always keep standards high and remain compliant. Completing paper-based forms for these checks were prone to errors and easily lost or misplaced. If anyone missed a check for any reason, it took a long time to be notified of this. The forms themselves took quite a long time to complete, and comparing findings was difficult. Lastly, if someone were to record something as not up to standard on paper, there was a time delay before the right person could rectify it.

Do you need a better solution for your compliance checks? Maybe you face the same challenges as 1Life, on a small or a large scale. Click here to arrange an online InfoDemo with one of our team. This is the best way for us to show you mpro5 in action and how it can help you save time and money.

Pool Testing

Firstly, 1Life employees complete their pool test findings on their phone or tablet. They can quickly capture all of the answers to the pool test questions. mpro5 date and time stamps all the completed work, sends it to the cloud and generates reports automatically. Secondly, mpro5 sends alerts when the pool test results are above or below their guide thresholds. Then, mpro5 immediately send jobs to someone to fix the issue or act in shutting the pool for the day.

Equipment Health and Safety

During facilities checks employees can determine whether  additional facilities (such as pool inflatables/trampolines) will be used. mpro5 then schedules further checks based on this information and the health & safety requirements of the equipment used. If one of these important checks is not completed an email alert triggers. The General Manager or Contract Manager onsite also receives an email with all hourly missed checks. Reports and dashboards also let managers compare site performance based on missed check data.

Scan to Open Job

1Life use mpro5’s QR tagging feature to make completing checks even more efficient.. When an employee arrives at a pool, they must scan a tag on site. This automatically opens up the appropriate forms for that location. In addition, it proves that the employee has completed the check at that exact place.

Asset Management

Storing assets in the Cloud means that 1Life are now able to access an asset’s history and the relating forms. Therefore, should there ever be an incident involving that asset they are able to reference documents to prove checks were done.

For example, if there was a fire and an issue with the fire doors 1Life can look back on the asset history. This lets them prove that they have been adhering to compliance requirements for that asset.

Working Offline

One of the main concerns for any company looking to digitise is the possibility of a lack of signal or Wi-Fi connection on site. mpro5 works offline wherever you are. By storing secure information on the phone or tablet, without an internet connection employees can still complete the necessary forms. All forms are appropriately date and time stamped. Then, once the user enters a place with a connection, mpro5 will automatically upload the data.

mpro5 helps keep leisure centres safe and compliant for 1life by a number of means. 1Life have also benefited from significant cost and time savings.

Contract Winning/Better Service

To win further contracts 1Life can sell their system in part by speaking about their innovative use of mpro5. They can demonstrate that they remain fully compliant and react quickly and dynamically to any problems that arise.


1Life are now able to operate without the burden of a paper-based system. Using mpro5 eliminates problems that arise from misplaced, error-prone manual processes. It also unlocks useful reports and dashboards. All the appropriate information is received securely and in real-time by the relevant people.

Time Saved

It is estimated that each 1Life site used to spend an hour a day typing out forms and sending them – using mpro5 this process is not automated. So now, they save at least an hour per day at each of over 30 sites, which works out at 500 management days saved each year.  This does not factor in the further savings made when gathering management and board reports.

Better Visibility

Using mpro5 means that General Managers and Contract Managers can receive updates and reports on information across all sites and their own. This gives all appropriate staff a better visibility on how each site is performing. They can also  respond correctly and quickly to any changes that need to be made.


1Life Management Solutions has been using mpro5 for 12 months now and the access it gives us to vital health & safety reports is fantastic. We can now see at the click of a mouse any areas of non-compliance or potential risks which allows us to put in safety measures before any potential issues can arise, and in doing so protects our customers, staff and business.

The transition from paper to paperless has been seamless and there hasn’t been a request or job that mpro5 have not been able to achieve. – Daniel Moores, Head of Health, Safety & Quality 1Life