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mpro5 helps keep Tesco safe and clean

mpro5 helps keep Tesco safe and clean and replaces their paper-based, manual data capture. Housekeepers record their jobs using the mpro5 app. They download their schedules for the day scan-in to different locations throughout the store using tags. Users also capture incidents for defence against false slips and trips claims. mpro5 has greatly decreased the time and effort taken for recording cleans, as well as the frequency of insurance payouts. All the while, Tesco now have visibility of the cleaning operations across their estate using custom dashboards.

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Reduction in insurable risk

Case details

Uk & Ireland
Facilities Management, Retail

The Challenge

Inefficient store cleaning and auditing.

Housekeeping checks and defending against false insurance claims were at the top of the list of challenges faced by Tesco. Housekeepers had to undergo time consuming auditing processes on paper. These were not only inefficient, but inaccurate too.

Management did not have any real-time view of the auditing and cleaning that was taking place. Paper forms would sometimes go missing, or take a long time to get back to the office. In this way, it was difficult for them to track trends and improve cleaning in their stores.

No defence against false insurance claims

Tesco faced both huge investigation costs, and payouts for insurance claims. When customers claimed they had a slip or a trip in store, there was little-to-no concrete evidence to contest this. Perhaps someone cleaned the spillage before the person claims to have fallen? It was up to claims handlers to prove this and this would be at a large cost of both time and money. Despite the investigations, in most cases, Tesco had to pay out large sums for the claims.


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The Solution

Cleaning and Incidents recorded

mpro5 helps keep Tesco safe and clean by providing their business with the full mpro5 solution.  Tesco’s cleaning contract staff use the mpro5 app on smartphones to complete store checks as well as incident capture forms. mpro5 syncs all the data back to Tesco’s mpro5 Microsoft Azure cloud based website. From this portal, management teams can access the data anytime, anywhere, using it to analyse performance and run reports in real time.

Checking in with tags

We placed tags in every Tesco store, which housekeepers use to tap-in to different areas and complete their checks. These tags each represent an area in the store, such as frozen foods, home-ware, clothing or aisle numbers. The areas form the basis of the housekeeping hourly checks workflow, guiding the cleaner around the store, ensuring no area of the store is missed.


  1. The cleaner logs onto mpro5 on the smartphone app at the start of their shift. mpro5 downloads the cleaner’s scheduled, hourly housekeeping jobs to the phone, allowing the cleaner to complete the jobs around the store.
  2. The housekeeper scans the first tag in the store to open up their first job. The job contains all the details for the checks required.
  3. The housekeeper then carries out their checks and captures notes, including photos if required.
  4. The cleaner then moves onto the next check, completing any associated tasks until the hourly store checks are complete. Once the cleaner has completed their job, mpro5 syncs the data back to the Tesco’s portal.

Slips and Trips

  1. Upon incident, mpro5 notifies staff to attend the scene with their mpro5 smartphone app.
  2. The user takes a photo of the spillage or incident via their device, and mpro5 stamps it with date and time. They can then enter additional details, before scanning the nearest tag to the location of the spillage.
  3. The user takes an ‘after’ photo to show that the area is now clean and safe with a warning sign.
  4. mpro5 sends the data to the cloud and to Tesco’s mpro5 website. The claims team can then easily and quickly look up incidents when someone raises a claim against the store.

The results

Reduced payouts

mpro5 has significantly reduced the money spent on investigation and payouts for false insurance claims regarding slips and trips. Stores are cleaner and safer, with scheduled tasks ensure all areas are checked.


Tesco now has visibility that was not previously available to them, allowing well informed business decisions to be made instantaneously. Our retail customers experience the power of big data and the impact it is having on their decision making. With data available in a range of formats at the touch of a button, management can make informed business decisions real time. In fact, many of our customers cite this as being one of the biggest benefits, giving companies sight of all of their operations. Stakeholders at Tesco now have full visibility across over 500 stores.


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