The day is nearly here… the launch of our brand new mpro5 app, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Not only has this involved a complete rebuild of the app to utilise the speed and stability of Angular 2 and Ionic 2, we have spent months working on the look and feel of the app to ensure it is intuitive to use and easy for your users to get their jobs done. mpro5 is designed to maximise the capabilities of your mobile workers, ensuring you are always working smarter.

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you just a few of the amazing new features waiting for you in the latest app release.

Faster than a speeding bullet…

Fast mpro5 user log in Well, not quite, but it is much faster, 3-4 times faster in fact! From logging in, to loading jobs in the background, the new app is seriously speedy and allows you to get more done, without the downtime you may have previously experienced.

Greater app personalisation

Many of our users were asking for more personalisation options, and we’ve listened. Now you will find a silhouette icon in the top right of your app screen. Click on this for options such as changing your view between the classic hub style and the new list format. You can also use our text size slider to make text larger or smaller, depending on your preference.


Personalised app optionsLogos and icons for customers

Customisation for customers

We have also included the option to customise the look for your customer lists. This now includes the ability to add icons or logos for each, as well as colour coding to differentiate them for easy and clear selection in the app. You can also click on companies in the list, to see vital details such as site address and contact details.





Enhanced app navigation

One great new feature that runs throughout the app is the ease of navigation. In the previous version, users had to go in and out of jobs and screens to navigate around. Now we have a number of menus, both side scrolling and fixed at the bottom of the screen. This feature can be configured to your business requirements, displaying what your users need, when they need it. We have also included filter options and a search bar to find what you need.





Guided job completion

The way in which your users work through their jobs has also improved, providing a more guided approach that highlights the areas that need completing in order to finish the workflow, whatever it may be. Plus sign and arrow buttons found in the bottom right of the screen indicate when elements need to be added, such as photos and other assets, as well as when you can move on. The red, amber, green button system, lets users know when a job has all components complete.

What you don’t see…

Whilst the new look and feel are obvious upgrades to the app, there is so much more going on in the background to makes this a cutting edge solution. Built on Ionic 2 and Angular 2 framework, the app is lightweight and fast. We also have a User Experience team that have been working in the background to make sure everything is just so, based on your user feedback.

Authentication and security was also extremely important to us, ensuring your business and customer data remains secure at all times.

Intelligent outbox

The outbox now works in the background, meaning there is no need for user intervention to clear the outbox once jobs are complete. Users can also enjoy the added benefit of instant feedback, when jobs or tasks are completed and submitted, allowing for real-time visibility for users, management teams and customers.

Less clicks

We wanted to speed up the way in which jobs were completed. We have included options such as swiping to reject a job rather than clicking into the job. It is simple changes like these that add up to increased efficiency. You can even simply drag down your job list to refresh, ensuring you have the most up to date jobs.





The future is now…

After months of development, sweat and maybe a few tears, we are naturally excited for all users to update as soon as possible. However, don’t worry if you aren’t planning on updating straight away, as we will be supporting the old version of the app for two months after release, allowing you to upgrade all of your devices at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions regarding the new mpro5 app or your device compatibility, please contact your Account Manager, or the Support Team on +44 1892 542 444.

Want to know more about the mpro5 platform and service? Click the links to see what’s on offer to your business.


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