Here you’ll find overview release notes for each mpro5 release, including fixes and features. Don’t forget to check out the blog for more detailed posts on releases, including screenshots and explanations.

Release notes, mpro5

21st October 2019

Minor Fixes
  • Fix for Notes and Next Steps not being validated (green/red FAB) to the user
  • Fix for handling Google’s introduction of Android X for secure storage
  • Fix for correctly setting Complete User on Team Jobs
  • Fix for IoT flows on jobs
  • Fix for rare crash with GPS on flows

Release notes, mpro5 5.5.48: Ring-tailed Lemur

15th October 2019

New features
  • New Bluetooth Low Energy framework to allow connection to Bluetooth LE devices to provide answers to questions.
  • Extended Flow Scoring to include customisable scoring scales, for example out of 5, and customisable scoring units, such asstars.
  • Bounded Numeric Controls to apply “levels” or boundaries to numeric answers (label or numpad). Can then colour, or apply text to it (e.g. 80-100 is green applies the text Pass as the text value).
  • Flow Summary/History Enhancements include images searchable answers.
  • Notes and Next Steps Enhancements mean NNS now appear on Summary/History screen. Plus, the new resolvable header section feature allows for additional notes to users filling out NNS, e.g. to provide instructions on how to use it.
  • Time and Attendance NFC clock in/out.
  • NumberScroller control type re-implemented to perform better.
  • Keyboard behaves more reliably when focusing input boxes.
  • Language pack now resets when changing between mpro5 instances more reliably