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Mobile Workforce Management Software enables businesses to manage field teams. These field teams then record their work efficiently on a phone or tablet instead of on paper.

mpro5 is a configurable mobile workforce management platform delivered as a complete service on subscription. Our clients receive a highly tailored and agile workflow application experience. We don’t develop point solutions from the ground up. We expertly configure and refine the mpro5 platform to your use cases. Each business uses mpro5 differently and many use it across multiple departments.


Power in hands of your workers

mpro5’s mobile workforce management software platform starts with the app.

We tailor the mpro5 app for your workforce to use to record your business processes historically completed on paper (or otherwise). We quickly configure job schedules and tailored workflows “Flows” over-the-air, without the need for software development.

Jobs and Flows are highly configurable and can be used to capture proof of presence, evidence of work, signatures and more. mpro5 replaces paper forms, spreadsheets and legacy systems. Jobs and Flows can trigger remedial actions automatically on an If This Then That basis. This means your teams are sent reactively when something needs attention. For example, when a cleaning audit fails or a maintenance issue is reported.

We help clients overcome inefficiencies to unlock substantial cost savings and productivity gains.

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We tailor to changing requirements

Choose a platform that can evolve with your business.

When you join us, we will assign you an mpro5 configuration expert. They will scope and implement your mpro5 system with you to your initial requirements within 30 days. We’ll match you with the person from our team with the most experience in deploying mpro5 to your sector.

After your system is in steady state, we’ll continue to tailor it with you as your business processes, relevant legislation or client requirements evolve. Our efficient, friendly and reactive support team help troubleshoot any issues your field teams might have such as forgotten passwords.

All changes are included in your monthly subscription. Cloud technology and mpro5’s flexibility lets us make changes quickly.


For ease and peace of mind

Automated Reporting and Alerting are key time savers in mobile workforce management.

mpro5’s reporting and alerting modules eliminate time delays and the need for double data entry. The platform instantly generates and distributes digital reports of completed Jobs & Flows to your requirements. Reports consolidate all of the information captured by field teams including photos, GPS locations and signatures. All of your reports are stored safely in the Microsoft Azure cloud for you to access on demand.

mpro5 can also send reports and alerts to your teams or customers via email, push notification or SMS. Automated reporting saves time and speeds up your billing process.

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Maximise value and visibility

Dashboards maximise the value you can achieve from your mobile workforce management system.

They highlight KPIs, give you visibility over operations and allow you to make informed business decisions. Our Power BI experts, in consultation with you, build dashboards to present your data in a way that brings you value. This takes place after your workforce has gone live with the app so that there’s data ready to report upon. Scoping sessions help us plan how to best visualise your data. We will bring ideas and suggestions based on our experience with current clients, and the technology to hand.

Your bespoke dashboards drive improvement and demonstrate innovation.

Internet of Things

To supercharge your mobile workforce management

Internet of Things takes your mobile workforce management software to the next level.

mpro5 can trigger remedial actions as a result of IoT Sensor readings. Rules let you to set up conditions against your sensors, so when those conditions are met a job will be triggered. For example, if the fridge is above four degrees, send someone to check if the door has been left open. We can provide live or historic dashboards show sensor readings and trends.

mpro5 with IoT eliminates manual checks and improves response times. We can integrate with your existing sensors or recommend others.

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Our T&A system is one of the most flexible on the market and can be added on to your mpro5 subscription at any time.  

Our configuration experts, in consultation with you, tailor the T&A module to your requirements and to support your payroll function. You’ll choose from a range of clock-in options: calling a fixed phone line, scanning a QR/NFC tag, or even using biometric fingerprint or facial recognition. There’s no need to pick a one-size-fits-all option as we can set up the most suitable clock-in method for each site.

Importantly, requests from your clients for proof of attendance can be generated quickly and easily in a few clicks or shared via a live dashboard. 

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