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With over 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, more businesses are embracing Digital Transformation technology to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their employees while also increasing the profitability of the business. 

By digitising, you’ll have better visibility of work completed in the field, while saving precious resources which are time and money. 


Power in hands
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mpro5’s smart mobile workforce management software starts with the app. The app is tailored by our configuration specialists, over-the-air, to your requirements – we configure your bespoke jobs and workflows “Flows”, without the need for software development, to replace and improve upon your existing processes.

Jobs & Flows guide your workforce, and can be used to capture proof of presence, proof of work, electronic signatures and more, all on mobile. You can immediately replace paper forms, spreadsheets and legacy systems. No one business uses the mpro5 app in the same way, and many businesses use it across a variety of departments with completely different needs.

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“Smartmobile workforce management means that the mpro5 app does more than digitise paper forms – it is able to intelligently guide users based on their responses and automatically raise corrective actions. Your processes will become dynamic and efficient. 

We have designed the modern mpro5 app with an easy-to-use interface to allow for  easy uptake by your workforce. Each user can have visibility for only what they need, in order to complete their work. mpro5 is a global mobile workforce management platform that can be loaded in your users’ native language with language packs. While our app doesn’t need development in order to tailor it to you, we have a software development team who are dedicated to continually improving the app with user experience enhancements, and new features like Internet of Things. 


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We are devoted to a fast, smooth on boarding process to ensure your system meets your expectations and delivers the value you need. mpro5 will help you and your mobile workforce get up and running with their app quickly and easily. We can also set up integration to your existing systems, deliver mobile devices, handle Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Connectivity requirements. 

However, mpro5 is not static mobile workforce management software that is delivered as a one-off. mpro5 is a full, ongoing service gives you access to a dedicated Customer Excellence Team who continue to adapt your system throughout your time with us. 

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The mpro5 support team is also on-hand for users to easily contact via the app, on the phone, or via email. We pride ourselves in providing a fast, friendly support service and our support ratings are consistently over 4.6 out of 5 stars.

You can trust us to handle enquiries, troubleshooting requirements and password resets for your mobile workforce such that your internal IT teams don’t need to be concerned or burdened with support tickets.  


Additionally, whatever changes you need made to your mpro5 system, all you need to do is ask – it’s all included in your transparent monthly subscription cost.​ We’re able make your changes with speed and without software code. 

When you need your system to evolve, such as by adding new workflows or changing existing ones, you can expect changes to be made within a matter of hours and days, not days and weeks.  So, not only do we set your mobile workforce management software up quicklywe also continue to efficiently deliver the changes you need as your business requirements develop.

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Smart mobile workforce management doesn’t simply stop at providing your teams with an app. The mpro5 portal is your management area, accessed via the web, everything fromcreating job schedules to viewing maps and graphs –, you’ll be able to see your mobile workforce in real time.  

From your own web portal, you’ll be able to view all your data and will have access to settings, reports and more here too. Just like the mobile app, your mpro5 website will be set to show you just what you need.  All configuration is included in the service, but some businesses like to be able to log in to their portal to tweak things themselves – you can be involved as much or as little as you like.  


Putting together manual reports is extremely timeconsuming and tedious, so let the mpro5 mobile workforce management software do all the work for you. mpro5 is able to instantly generate and distribute digital reports of all the work captured on Jobs & Flows, and send alerts to your team via email or SMS. 

Reports can display photos, maps, signatures and answers. They can have your logo, your customer’s logo and are accessible at any time in a file format that suits youViewing reports live or on a schedule can give you a granular view of what’s going on at a particular site. Plus, accessing historic reports are quick to find and don’t require digging through endless emails or complex file systems.  

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Maps & Graphs draw value from mobile workforce management software by presenting your data in an interactive and visual way. With no fixed way of displaying graphs, you can choose the information that is useful to you. We’re able to use widgets from interactive floors to heat maps, along with innovative filtering to enable you to see and drill into data that enable you to discover trends.  

Our Power BI specialists are experts in delivering bespoke dashboards and can offer advice on layouts, data aggregation and trend tracking. Your dashboards can give you an instant overview of compliance and performance. You can be empowered to make real-time business and management decisions based on visibility of your mobile workforce. Plus, give access to your clients or stakeholders to provide them with the information they need with little-to-no effort! We save businesses hours in management time by leveraging the power of the mpro5 app, the Cloud and Power BI. 



mpro5 with Time & Attendance enables your mobile workforce to prove attendance at a specific location, whilst monitoring the time they have spent there. With mpro5 and Time & Attendance, handling shifts is easy and we’ll help you manage all of this within the mpro5 portal, including shift and holiday cover. mpro5’s automatic reporting will also let you know when someone is absent or late. There are also four different clock in/out methods which are via PIN Code or NFC, finger-print or facial recognition.  

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Internet of Things (IoT) takes mobile workforce management software to the next level by enabling you to schedule reactive jobs as a result of IoT Sensor readings. Rules in IoT enable you to set up conditions against your IoT sensors, so when those conditions are met a job will be reactively scheduled. Live maps and graphs show real-time sensor readings, enabling you to track trends, compare readings and much more.  

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