How can mpro5’s facility maintenance management software help your business?

Carrying out maintenance, repairs and general facilities management is no easy task. With a workforce predominantly out in the field, managing the day to running is full of challenges. Add in an industry with ever changing requirements and standards, and you have yourself a real headache. Whether you run a maintenance and repairs business or manage the facilities and buildings for a company, mpro5 could help you improve efficiency and maintain a safe environment.

Remove the errors and lengthy process of paperwork, instead mobilising your workflows and jobs through the mpro5 facility management software. The personalised mpro5 website, created to support those in the office such as management teams, is there to schedule jobs and create reports, giving you valuable insight and real-time data. With reports and alerting, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors, providing a service that is not only reliable, but quick to react, when it counts.

mpro5 works hard for you to reduce the everyday issues you face as a business.

Features & benefits of our facility maintenance management software include:


Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule regular maintenance to manage your facilities and carry out audit checks to ensure all is in good working order and that all jobs have been carried out as required. Report on these via the mpro5 dashboard, to evidence client SLAs are being upheld, helping you to retain maintenance contracts.

Cleaning Audits

Complete cleaning audits on location, recording and reporting back on completed tasks with a variety of media including photos and ratings for the job.

Reactive Repairs

If an emergency job comes into the head office, notify your feet on the ground instantly, assigning the job accordingly and ensuring the incident is fixed without delay.

Incident Capture

Any incidents on location can be recorded with precise time logging and supporting evidence such as photos. This allows full visibility and real-time data to show your customers just how efficient you are. Peace of mind for your customers and their facilities is crucial, ensuring they know all maintenance is carried out, whether planned or ad hoc.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback and ratings for completed jobs can be collected by staff and sent back to head office. If the rating isn’t up to standard, an additional staff member can be sent to correct any issues before it costs your business. This also helps to identify any skill gaps or technical issues with staff and can advise management on job performance.

Quality Compliance

With compliance being a large part of the maintenance industry, ensuring your staff are adhering to quality standards can be tough. mpro5 allows management teams to be sure that each job is carried out to the highest standard and is compliant with industry rules and regulations.

Installations and Replacements

Staff can log any new installations on site, such as boiler replacements, so that records are instantly up to date. You can also keep track of assets used in jobs on location, to ensure your workers always have the tools they need to complete the job.

Health and Safety

Complete health and safety inspections can be carried out on location, without the need for later data input. Complete forms on your mobile device via the mpro5 app and capture evidence such as photos and signatures.

These are just a few of the benefits and features our mpro5 customers experience with our innovatice facility maintenance management software. Click below to find out more about the platform and full service on offer.

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