Mobile Workflow and Job Management Software:

“Jobs & Flows”

mpro5 is a highly flexible and trusted Mobile Workflow and Job Management software platform. We enable field teams to complete tailored Jobs and Flows on their tailored mpro5 mobile app, rather than relying on paperwork.

What is Job Management Software?

Job Management Software lets you centrally schedule and manage jobs for field staff.

Jobs are tasks and/or work orders performed by field staff. For example, cleaning a spillage, fixing a sign, patrolling a building or risk assessing a train station. Jobs can be ad-hoc, recurring or reactive.

mpro5 lets field staff become mobile workers, completing their Jobs on the mpro5 app. Jobs can be scheduled to field staff by office staff via an intuitive web-based planner. Or, mpro5 can automatically trigger jobs based on certain conditions. Mobile workflows on the mpro5 app let users answer questions, evidence their work and follow Standard Operating Procedures on their mobile device.

Our clients benefit from increased productivity, cost savings and more agile operations by mobilising.

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What is Mobile Workflow?

Mobile workflows are digital versions of your paper forms and processes.

Workflows (“Flows”) let your teams record their work on the mpro5 app instead of on paper forms. But, Flows are more powerful than forms because they are not always a static list of questions. Flows are dynamic and can even automate your processes. This is what really sets mpro5 apart.

Our team will work with you to configure Flows in a way that maximises efficiency. For example, we can design Flows to guide users down a route of questions based on previous answers. Flows can even automatically raise corrective actions for other mpro5 users, based on an answer or a score. For example, when a cleaning audit scores below 50%, send a job to deep clean the area. 

If you would like us to walk you through some example Jobs and Flows, Book an InfoDemo with us.

Why choose Mobile Workflow and Job Management Software?

Mobile Workflow and Job management Software optimises operational efficiency.

Moving away from paper and legacy systems can help give the best level of service to customers and get the edge over the competition. mpro5 will help you with job tracking and enable you to manage employees and their work in a more efficient way. Improving service quality and efficiency can improve your customer satisfaction ratings. Automating reporting can provide peace of mind when proving compliance, while also saving time and money.

Digital transformation can seem daunting, but we’ll help make it seamless. Our team will tailor your mpro5 system so that it’s up and running within 30 days.

Throughout your time with us we will work with you to further tailor and extend your system… it’s all part of the service.

How does Mobile Workflow and Job Management Software provide better visibility?

mpro5 is cloud-based, meaning that you can monitor operations in real-time.

Work completed on the app syncs back to the cloud to give you a live view of job statuses and performance against SLAs. The app uses GPS tracking, digital signatures and timestamping to capture detailed audit trails. Dashboards can provide an ability to drill down to this granular detail as well as to view high level overview and KPIs.

mpro5 captures all the information you’ll need to monitor and verify the work of your teams. It can also integrate to your existing business management systems to prevent data siloes. We’ll help further streamline your organisation so you can run your business to achieve its maximum potential.

Want to see a demo of our Mobile Workflow and Job Management Software in action?

Seeing a demo of mpro5 will really bring mobile workflow to life for you and help you understand how powerful it can be. An InfoDemo is a chance for us to show you a demo, without a hard sell. An InfoDemo is a free, no commitment online meeting with one of our team. We’ll get to know your business so that together we can understand whether mpro5 can meet your goals and generate return on investment.

Just a few of our features

Capture proof of work


Logging in, accepting jobs, photos and more are all time and date stamped. Therefore, you’ll be able to check and verify who did what work when.


Users and/or clients can sign off jobs and workflows digitally. Signatures allow for better accountability and also encourage responsibility for the work done.


Jobs and flows can prompt or enforce photo evidence (such as before and after photos). Interactive ‘canvases’ allow users to draw on the photos to highlight important details.

Capture proof presence.


Your team can use the camera on their tablet to scan into a location to open the right jobs to complete. They’ll save time and you’ll be able to verify that they were present.


Much like with bar codes and QR codes, mpro5’s NFC capabilities mean your team can tap to get their work at a particular location. We also sometimes use NFC for Time and Attendance.


Your mpro5 app uses GPS to log where jobs are completed. Verify that your users are completing work onsite and view this information on maps and graphs.

Flexible and comprehensive mobile workflows


Your users’ work can have mandatory or optional steps.  Therefore, you can enforce what’s important but allow for extra detail or unexpected additional work that may arise.


mpro5 captures scoring behind the scenes while users complete their questions. Furthermore, you can use weightings, boundaries and colours.


mpro5’s can let your team can complete their workflow’s questions any number of times based on the requirements when they arrive on site. Flows can grow on the go!


Allow users to complete a set of works on-the-fly rather than as part of a scheduled job. For example, making an unexpected incident report.


Your flows can contain question types from date pickers to slider ratings. Ensure your users collect information in the easiest and most effective way.


Tailor your flows so that each answer to a question takes the user down a different route. This makes the workflow more relevant, powerful and easy to use.


mpro5’s triggers follow-up work based on your team’s responses to questions. For example, send a maintenance worker to the same place that someone reported a blown light bulb.


Your team members can only see the workflows that are relevant to them, based on configurable permissions. That way, they’ll always easily find the right workflows.


mpro5 can customise the icons against your question answers. This accommodates for your rating styles and makes it easier for your team.

Powerful scheduling with job management software


Recurring or one-off jobs can be scheduled in the portal by you, us and/or automatically! Jobs drop down to your users’ phones or tablets ready to be completed.


All of the details against the job are customisable using mpro5’s portal. Within a few clicks mpro5 can cater for your own SLAs, contracts, job types and more.


Jobs with assets and parts help if you need your team to complete scheduled work against a particular ‘thing’. Combining this with bar code scanning makes asset management easy.


Jobs can drop down to a group of people, any of whom can complete the job based on their availability or proximity. Therefore, teams can collaborate and get the job done efficiently.


Your team can be automatically notified via push notification as to when a new job is ready for them to complete. Alerts can also be sent via SMS or email.


Your live, interactive job planner on your portal will let you see all of the planned and triggered jobs that have been sent out to individuals and teams.


Jobs have lots of detail against them including information about the site, contract, SLA, contacts, notes from the office, PO numbers, priority, status… the list goes on!


Your team can fill out timesheets and expenses while on a job if you choose. They can record mileage, photos of receipts, activities, notes and more.


Your mpro5 portal will update when a job changes status so that you can check when someone’s on site, completing the job, or is running late to do their work.

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