mpro5 Harnessing the power of IoT

mpro5 is unrivalled in its power and functionality, allowing businesses to schedule, report and alert with ease. At Crimson Tide, we never shy away from the latest technologies and we are now looking to harness the seemingly endless possibilities that IoT (Internet of Things) offers, to improve our mpro5 service and offering.

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IoT by its very nature can be used across all industries, from hospitality for occupancy sensing, security with NFC tags to catering for temperature recording and reporting and even logistics for contents gauging. With so many possibilities, it is no wonder that at mpro5 we are invested in making the most of new technologies as they emerge, as well as paving the way and creating a few uses of our own.

How does mpro5 already use IoT and what do we have planned for mpro5 in the future?

HACCP Reporting and Temperature Recording
Retail environments selling temperature sensitive food are required to capture and log detailed records of fridge temperature to ensure food is stored correctly and safely. mpro5 already makes this less labour intensive by reducing the amount of manual data entry and documentation.

IoT will take this one step further, automatically entering temperature readings via a wireless enabled temperature sensor, placed in each fridge. Each sensor transmits readings periodically to a WiFi gateway in the shop, which forwards the data to the mpro5 cloud platform. Benefits will include further time savings, enhanced accuracy of recordings and alerts for retailers if something goes wrong, preventing unnecessary wastage.

Near Field Communications, also known as NFC, is a sensing technology used with an mpro5 device to initiate a job or tell the system that a job has been completed, closing the task down. An example of NFC technology in action is their use in security patrols. To ensure guards patrol the full perimeter of their location, NFC tags are placed around the grounds. Every time the guard’s phone detects an NFC tag, their location is fed back to mpro5, validating that this location has been checked and time stamped.

Occupancy Sensing
Often our mpro5 customers require task scheduling and workflows that enable cleaners and maintenance workers to follow pre-defined routes, ensuring they attend various locations to carry out tasks. To date, the schedule has been manually entered, but our new occupancy sensing will allow tasks to be carried out on a priority basis. Sensors located in various rooms around a building will feed mpro5 with information relating to how many people have been using it, this information will be used to prioritise tasks and set up new jobs in real time. The benefits of this new capability will drive efficiency, improve services and enhance the quality of service for many utility services providers.

Stock Control and Contents Gauging
mpro5 are already using sensing technology to measure levels of stock. A great example of this is with Metro newspaper stands, where we will soon be trialling ultrasonic level measurement sensors. These will transmit the level in height via the sigfox low power radio network, telling mpro5 the height of papers left in the stand. This technology in conjunction with mpro5 will optimise the delivery scheduling process, driving efficiency.

Pharmacy Logistics
Currently we are working on techniques to track high value drugs during transportation, logging temperatures whilst in transit. Many high value pharmaceuticals must be stored in specific temperature conditions to avoid the drug becoming inactive or spoiling, becoming harmful. Our vision is to place a sensor in each shipment, to log and transmit data throughout transit. Our sensors will allow companies to ensure their shipments make it to their destinations safely, without exposure to conditions that could adversely affect their quality.

What Does the Future Hold?

With the expansion of the sensor capabilities within mpro5, the possible applications will continue to grow. We are also looking to implement the following:
  • Stock monitoring and auto replacement using pallet sensors
  • Wide area asset management
  • Inventory checking using RFID and NFID
  • Facility management smart lighting and energy monitoring
  • Cold room and refrigeration monitoring
  • Warehouse and storage optimisation
  • Food transports
  • Predictive maintenance for machinery
  • Container tracking
  • Route optimisation
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