Reactive Field Service

Management with Internet of Things Sensors

IoT is a common buzzword when businesses look to show innovation to customers or
stakeholders. But, for a lasting IoT project, it’s critical to consider how investing in Internet of Things sensors can bring measurable value. By choosing mpro5 with Internet of Things, you’ll demonstrate sustainable long-term innovation and revolutionise the way your business operates.

Internet of Things in mpro5 enables you to automatically send your field teams to do their Jobs and Flows as a result of sensor readings. 

PPush Notifications for jobs triggered from Internet of Things sensors mpro5

Action from Internet of Things sensors

There are many sensor manufacturers in the IoT market providing dashboards and alerting, but across the globe, only 1% of IoT data is actively used. Our priority is to help your business get real value from investing in IoT, by moving away from static task schedules towards making your business operations fully reactive.

Uniquely, mpro5’s IoT module sends out jobs and workflow (“Flows”) via the mpro5 app, as a result of sensor readings… i.e. send the cleaner to disinfect the washrooms after 50 people customer visits.

We’ll work with you to find the best sensors for your site(s) and business cases – we can source sensors or integrate with existing ones.

Our IoT service

We configure your bespoke sensor rules to trigger the right person or team to act reactively.

This can be an immediate resolution (fix the fridge), or a routine task (clean aisle 4) driven by aggregate data. We’ll also tailor the app to prompt your staff to provide evidence of work when they arrive, so that you have a full digital audit trail from reading to resolution.

Our Power BI experts work with you to produce bespoke management dashboards to help unearth trends and monitor reactive operations as they are completed.

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Internet of Things Sensors - foofall monitoring at rail stations | mpro5
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Generate Return on Investment

mpro5 with IoT minimises the need for manual checks where internet of things sensors can provide constant monitoring instead.

Human effort previously spent on tasks like checking water pipe temperature can be re-diverted. Immediately triggering action from readings not only reduces time to resolution, but also ensures that staff aren’t sent to do work unnecessarily – don’t send the cleaner when the washroom hasn’t been used!

mpro5 with IoT enables more cost-effective schedules, while eliminating costs associated with manual checking (e.g. travel costs) or undetected issues (e.g. loss of perishables).

Revolutionise Operations

IoT data can help unearth undiscovered trends and not only inform your operations, but drive them.

You can use these insights to inform your rules and drive better response times and SLA performance. Triggering operations from Internet of things sensors means staff are deployed quickly to take action. You’ll also be able to easily understand any recurring issues such as faulty equipment, venue over-capacity and use preventative measures accordingly. For customers centric data mpro5 can allocate staff on-demand to ensure customer experience is kept to a high standard, without any delay.

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