Cutting edge workflow system infrastructure

At mpro5 we are a Microsoft Gold Partner and as such the mpro5 platform is a globally scalable, Azure cloud-based solution for businesses looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Built on Angular and Ionic frameworks and run on Azure PaaS, your data is readily available and highly secure. Every one of our workflow management software features has been carefully considered and thoroughly tested to provide a powerful and seamless solution for our clients.

Here are some of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the mpro5 workflow management software:

Leading cloud compliance & cloud security

We are ISO 27001 certified and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform we use for mpro5 is a global leader in Compliance certification, making us a safe choice for all businesses, no matter how sensitive your data.

Cutting Edge Cloud Security – At mpro5, security is a top priority and we constantly evolve our security practices, to keep our customers and their clients secure. We undertake extensive penetration testing and provide numerous authentication options and mechanisms. Each mpro5 installation also includes built in redundancy and security isolation across its key components for extra peace of mind.

Powerful mpro5 mobile app

Highly configurable, the mpro5 app enables you to use the platform to provide your staff with the tools they need to complete their jobs efficiently. As a cross platform application, mpro5 can run on all major devices and operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows, for ultimate flexibility and integration into your business.

The app also functions offline, meaning your workers don’t need an internet connection to carry out their jobs once in the app. Data is simply captured and saved on the device, syncing back to the cloud when internet connection is restored. Unlike many other systems, we will capture the accurate time and date, rather than reporting the upload time.

Configurable website

This is the nerve centre of your mpro5 solution, where jobs and workflows are set up and configured, scheduled and reported on.

Users log into the unique mpro5 website, anytime and anywhere, to view customised reports and dashboards as well as create new workflows as needed. Your web application will also provide a SOAP API that can be used to integrate with many of your existing 3rd party solutions. mpro5 is designed to make your business more efficient, so the ability to easily integrate is key.

Workflow platform features

Here are some of the key workflow management software features available to you as part of the highly configurable mpro5 platform.

Highly customisable web reporting

Highly customisable web repotting based on SQL Server Reporting Services, the mpro5 web reporting engine allows users to generate reports at the click of a button which can be exported in a wide variety of file formats such as PDF, DOC and Excel to name but a few.

Realtime and scheduled alerting

Constantly monitoring itself, mpro5 notifies users and customers as and when an error occurs, via email, SMS or push notifications as required. Alerts are highly configurable, being built for your business needs.

Many mpro5 customers benefit from our scheduled alerting engine to take the strain of their daily, weekly or monthly management reports, linking to web reporting and dashboards as needed.

Process automation

You also have the option of adding automation flows into your mpro5 platform.

For example, let’s say someone completes an HR form for a new starter, mpro5 knows to then schedule their laptop to be ordered by procurement. Perhaps a cleaning audit has failed and you need to schedule a further cleaner to attend the site tomorrow – mpro5 has it all covered.

How We Can Help

The possibilities with mpro5 are endless. Your mpro5 solution can be unique to your business, working hard to increase efficiency.

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