How does the mpro5 pharmaceutical management software help with healthcare?

mpro5 is already being used by a number of large healthcare suppliers and pharmaceutical companies around the globe, to benefit their customers. From improving patient safety and ensuring staff adhere to strict guidelines, to saving money and even saving lives. The ways in which the healthcare industry are using mpro5 technology are varied and fascinating, showing the true scope of what can be achieved with its highly configurable nature and unrivalled functionality.

mpro5’s pharmaceutical management software is used daily stock checks, to help patients self administer vital medicines and even helping medical teams in developing countries to eradicate counterfeit medicines. From simple applications that reduce man hours, to the most vital work on the ground helping our users save lives, mpro5 is changing the way the healthcare industry operates.

mpro5 saves precious time and money for healthcare businesses, as well as the ensuring patient care can be their primary focus.

Features and benefits of the mpro5 pharmaceutical management software:

Therapy Adherence and Patient Safety
With bar code scanning capabilities, patients can instantly determine the validity of their medication along with the expiry date and how to properly handle and administer their medications or prescribed therapy. Counterfeit drug reporting using GS1 standards is also possible with mpro5.

Data Security

Our secure platform allows for accurate and confidential medical records to be stored and exchanged via mpro5. This allows for the keeping the utmost security and confidentiality for patients and businesses at all times.

Accurate Asset Management

Healthcare facility and hospital asset management can be extremely tedious, time consuming and prone to human error. With the ability to quickly assess real time stock quantities and expiry data, the management and cost can be kept to a minimum. We provide custom dashboards for quick oversight and workflow management tools to allow for quick ordering of supplies and tracking shipments.

Track and Trace

This technology can be used to track deliveries from order to completion, tracing it every step of the way. This is invaluable for companies transporting high value drugs and equipment for medical use, giving visibility the whole way.

These are just a few of the benefits and features our mpro5 customers experience with our innovative pharmaceutical management software. Click below to find out more about the platform and full service on offer.


mpro5 customers carry out essential stock checks in half an hour with mpro5. Previous paper based process could take days.

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