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mpro5 makes health & safety compliance easy for your business.

Recording and proving compliance should be easy, efficient and fast! mpro5 allows teams to carry out digital health and safety forms and checks on a phone or tablet. These forms can include:

  • Risk assessment checklists and inspection checklists
  • HACCP forms and food safety checklists
  • Compliance checklists
  • Incident reports
  • Vehicle check forms

We can digitise any health and safety forms. So, if you’re looking for a compliance app, a food safety app, or a risk assessment app, look no further! We quickly consolidate all of your processes and requirements into one tailored app for your business.

Industry leading health and safety software, tailored to your business

Your mpro5 app revolves around your business and its digital forms and checklists, with smart features to choose from, such as time and GPS stamping, proof of presence, photos and signatures. The app can even automatically send remedial action jobs to someone when a health and safety issue is recorded. mpro5 will allow you to easily prove that the right person completed their tasks at the right time and place, helping you to stay compliant.

Field Service Management Software | mpro5

Operational for you within 30 days

Our approach starts with understanding your safety and compliance processes such as health and safety checklists, food safety forms, risk assessment forms and HACCP checklists. Within 30 days, we will set up your app to let your teams to record these processes using tailored digital forms on their phone or tablet.

mpro5 is not just an app, it's a fully featured health and safety software platform, on subscription

mpro5 is different because it’s not just an off-the-shelf health and safety app, risk assessment app, or compliance app. It combines all of your processes into one highly flexible and fully featured compliance software platform. This means you only get the processes that you need and nothing you don’t. As well as including your own management portal and automatic reporting and alerting – the app can trigger automatic reports, alerts and escalations to your requirements, helping you to make operations more reactive and save on admin time.

Our team will work with you to create bespoke management dashboards to show Key Performance Indicators and help drive efficiency. mpro5 lets you record, present and action data in a way that brings value to your business.

Web Portals in mpro5 | mpro5

A system that grows and evolves with your business

Alterations to your mpro5 schedules and digital forms are included throughout your subscription and changes are deployed fast by our dedicated team. mpro5 is agile technology that can evolve with your business as it grows, or as your requirements change. 

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To find out more:

Speak to one of our consultants about how mpro5 can be tailored to meet your requirements or book an InfoDemo to see it in action. 

Here’s how some of our clients are using the power of mpro5 for their Health and Safety and Compliance needs..

Northern by arriva | mpro5

Northern were looking for compliance software to use to be able to evidence their health and safety processes. They now use mpro5 across their 478 stations and over 1000 trains, to efficiently complete compliance forms, risk assessment forms, checks and auditing. Northern’s mobile health and safety forms and risk assessment checklists automatically raise remedial actions to station managers, contractors and Network Rail when issues are reported. Northern now accurately capture and report on performance and are more reactive with their operations.

Morrisons plan with mpro5

In 2015, Morrisons adopted mpro5 for store cleanliness: audit schedules, housekeeper checks and monitoring contractor performance. In 2020, Morrisons has rolled out mpro5 to replace all of their paper in-store logbook forms and food safety forms. Their in store teams record Safe and Legal procedures, food safety checklists, HACCP forms and compliance checklists on their mpro5 app. In distribution, mpro5 has also replaced all paperwork for health and safety checklists and incident reporting with digital forms.

Morrisons’ tailored mpro5 app means they have been able to centralise all of their processes. Importantly, they don’t have to spend time and effort managing separate risk assessment software, logbook software and HACCP software systems.

mpro5 includes the app, website, reports and alerts, and a full service | mpro5

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