Our latest mpro5 app upgrade is here and ready for you to download and start using! As always, we’ve listened to your feedback, which we really value, and this new iteration is jam-packed with lots of great new features including:

Internet of Things (IoT) Module:

We’ve been IoT ready for a while now, having run a couple of major IoT pilots in some real-life customer sites and situations for the last 6 months, however we’re excited to announce that our IoT module is now available within mpro5!

This is big news, as it allows organisations to further automate processes within their business! Let’s use an example to help illustrate the implications of this technology…

Imagine you are a food production company and you have IoT sensors in all of your industrial freezers, constantly monitoring temperature levels. Now let’s imagine that the temperature level rises above a critical level. The IoT temperature sensor will recognise this temperature rise and can be configured to send off an alert – warning the relevant person that there is an issue. However that’s about as far as it goes.

Now imagine, through integration of these IoT sensors with a mobile workforce solution (mpro5), that as soon as the IoT sensor records a temperature rise above a critical level, a job is automatically created within your mobile workforce solution – telling the nearest engineer that they need to go to Location A, to check Freezer B and might need Form C and Part D to help them fix the issue – completely closing the feedback loop.

While this is just one example, the possibilities are endless. To learn more about the crucial connection between IoT and enterprise mobility, I really recommend that you read this article by mpro5’s Chairman, Barrie Whipp. However in the meantime, if you’re interested to learn more about our IoT module within mpro5, please get in touch with the team to discuss your IoT ideas so that we can work out how we turn this vision into a reality.

Invoicing Module

Yes, that’s right, there is now an invoicing module within mpro5! You now have the ability to create invoices straight from mpro5 – ready to send on to your customers!

As with pretty much all features within mpro5, everything is configurable. Therefore if you’d like to use the invoicing module, you will need to get in touch with our Customer Excellence Team so that they can turn on the invoicing feature within your mpro5 platform and configure it to meet your specific business needs.

Once you’ve got it set up, this is how you use it…

Step 1: Click on a job that you want to invoice from the job planner and then tap on the ‘Invoice’ tab (see image below). By clicking on the + button in the left hand corner of the screen you can then add each item type that you want to invoice to the Job e.g. labour, parts, travel ….etc. Each of these items is configurable – you can add your own invoicing item types to your mpro5 system. We’ll go through how you do this a little later on…

Step 2: Once you’ve added all of your different job items you want to invoice, you will then need to ensure that the ‘Job Status’ field on the job has been changed to the appropriate status to trigger the invoicing event. In our instance (below) this field needs to be set to ‘invoiced’.

 Step 3: Once saved, then click on the ‘Invoicing’ tab at the top of your mpro5 website (not the one in the job tab) and select ‘Ready To Invoice’.

You’ll then be presented with a list of all the jobs you can invoice!

Step 4: To invoice the jobs, you then just need to select which jobs you want to invoice and click on the ‘Invoice Jobs’ button – which will create the Job Invoices, ready for you to send on to the client. If, however, you do want to automate this process further, we can configure your system, using OnPoint, so that the Job Invoice is sent on to the client automatically.


Step 5: As mentioned previously, you have the freedom to create your own invoice line items within your mpro5 website. To do this you click on the ‘invoicing’ tab at the top of the mpro5 website and then click on the ‘Line types’ field. From here, you can create whatever line items you want to invoice just by selecting the + icon.

App theming

Within the mpro5 Mobile Client, you can now change the theme of the app from purple to dark blue – should you fancy it! In the not so distant future, you will have greater flexibility over the different colour & theme types which you can choose from. To change the theme, you just need to click on the person icon in the top right hand corner of the Job Hub screen.

Job cloning from the mpro5 website

In addition to being able to clone a Form on mpro5, you can now clone a Job from the mpro5 website too! This is a nice, handy feature to further speed up processes within your business. To do this you just need to follow these steps…

Step 1: Right click on a Job in the Planner

Or click the clone button against a Job on the job search.

Step 2: You can then choose the items that you want to clone from the existing Job.

Step 3: If you clone Jobs regularly and you are often cloning the same thing – you can click the ‘Remember my choices’ button which will remember your choices the last time you cloned a Job and the same items will be ticked the next time you open this window. You can then modify any of the finer details of the Job.

Adding photos & tax to expenses

We’ve enhanced our Expenses module on the mpro5 mobile app so that users now have the ability to record tax and add photos (especially handy for adding photos of receipts) to each expense that they add to a Job. The module will also automatically calculate the total (expense cost + tax) for you – further avoiding the room for mistakes to be made.

New Job Calendar view

You now have the option to view your Jobs in a different calendar view (see image below). To make the change, you just need to click on the calendar icon in the top left hand corner of your app screen. By doing so, it’ll also show you all of your scheduled Jobs in a day or month view. Neat, hey?!

Add Parts, Timesheets and Expenses from the mpro5 website

This feature only used to be available on the mpro5 mobile app. It’s now available for you to use on the website too! To view and add new Expenses, Parts or Timesheets to a Job, I’ll walk you through a step by step guide.

Step 1: Click on the Job in the Job Planner. Then click on the relevant tab (e.g. Timesheets, Expenses or Parts) within the Job.

By doing so, it’ll display all of the Parts, Expenses or Timesheets added by the mobile & desktop user for that Job. You then have the flexibility to add new Parts, Expenses or Timesheets to the Job.

Step 2: To do this, just by click on the + icon in the top left hand corner of the screen. This will then add the relevant Timesheet, Part or Expense to the Job.

Online look-ups available on Grids

This is very similar to our online Look-Ups feature, which is available on Questions, however it is now also available on Grid features within mpro5 mobile Forms too! What does this mean? It means that if you are filling out a Grid Question, and you’re unsure of the answer you want to input as you can’t fully remember all of the details (e.g. such as the customer name, site, ID …etc.) this feature will automatically populate the grid field based on part of the information you input. As this feature does involve querying your mpro5 database, you will need to be online to use this feature.

Form and Job Summary UI (User Interface) refresh

We’ve refreshed the Form and Job Summary pages on the mpro5 mobile app to improve usability and customer experience. Over the course of the year we’re going to be making more changes like these to UI, so watch this space…!

New Job details sliding Job list item

In addition to the UI changes above, we’ve also added in a nice, new feature that allows you to quickly view all of your Job details, simply by swiping right. This will then bring up a ‘details’ tab, which you simply click on to gain a quick snap shot of the Job details without having to click into the Job itself.


New date & time and numerical input select pickers

We’ve updated our date & time and numerical input pickers across the app so that it’s even easier for you to use.


To download all of the new features, you’ll just need to access your relevant app store and upgrade to the latest mpro5 release. Any question – please just get in touch.

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