“Mpro5 has allowed us to streamline our operations and save on overheads. The alternative to mpro5 was entirely paper based, inefficient and would require at least two members of permanent staff to work entirely on the administration and processing of our documentation. By using mpro5 we are saving not only time but a substantial amount of money on manpower. 

We are not IT people here, we make money by going out and doing the job. mpro5 helps us do that quicker, without spending days and days trying to figure out the IT stuff – mpro5 does that for us.

David Woffendin,​ Northern Director, Checkmate Fire​


The Challenge

Fire safety and evidencing essential fire proofing works has never been more important that in recent months, with several high profile fire investigations taking place in the public eye. Checkmate Fire were relying on a series of forms and heavy paperwork in order to record works that they had undertaken. These forms were then sent back to an office, where a team of admin assistants inputted and stored all important records.

In order to look up completed work forms, Checkmate previously had to request the files to be extracted from their vast paper records to prove works were correctly completed. Luckily, Checkmate Fire has never had to evidence their works due to an incident, but they knew there was a need for accurate proof of works, consistent data capture and quick look ups, to protect their business.

The Solution

Checkmate Fire came to Crimson Tide to create a proof of works tool. Jobs are scheduled by the management team from their own secure Microsoft Azure cloud based mpro5 website. Using a mobile device with the mpro5 app, workers can carry out their usual jobs, placing firebreaks into wall cavities. The mobile user then takes a photo on their smart device and using our canvassing function, draws a red line around the area that the work has been completed. They can then annotate with the measurements to mark the size of the area that the work was carried out on and a signature is captured on the device to confirm time and date, as well as the job being completed.

Once the Checkmate Fire job is complete, the mobile device syncs to the mpro5 website, storing the information for immediate look up at any time in the future. mpro5 works both on and offline, meaning users can carry out work wherever and whenever required. If coverage is not available for the user, jobs and forms can still be completed with all of the mpro5 functionality, once mobile coverage is restored the device syncs back to the mpro5 website and stores all the data in the cloud, for instant look ups.

Checkmate originally subscribed to mpro5 with the plan to create their own solution in the meantime. However, they have been so pleased with the functionality of the solution and the service provided, that they continue to renew their subscription with Crimson Tide to this day.

Innovative Business

Previous to the implementation of mpro5, Checkmate Fire required two members of full time staff to manage the administration of their paperwork. This involved countless pages of paperwork and forms, all completed by engineers in the field and sent to the office for manual input. This process was open to errors, lost paperwork, double entry and incorrect completion of processes. Checkmate can now reallocate staff time to other jobs and away from costly and time intensive administration.

Their data is now guaranteed to be safe, secure and available at the click of a button, whenever and wherever they might need it.

Benefits in Action

  • mpro5 costs Checkmate Fire 1/3 of what they were spending on their paper based process*
  • Instant look up of records is available, as opposed to a lengthy search through paperwork
  • 80 man hours a week saved on admin – that’s 4,160 hours a year!

Other Capabilities of mpro5 in fire safety

Checkmate Fire have only scratched the surface of the mpro5 capabilities in the fire safety industry. mpro5 could also be used for asset tagging items such as fire extinguishers, automatic reminders for when the next checks need to be carried out and even site and work audits, to name just a few…


Find out more about the innovative ways in which mpro5 can help your business by visiting our website or contact one of the team to see how we can revolutionise your business processes.


*saving based on the annual subscription price of Checkmate Fire’s mpro5 solution and the average cost of 2 admin assistants.



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