Headquarters: Basingstoke, England and Dublin, Ireland
Turnover: €90m
Number of employees: 270
Industry type: Healthcare

“The Mpro5 solution from Crimson Tide has given us greater visibility and control around the Aquilant stock that is held outside of our main warehouse, therefore helping us to meet our customer’s needs, while releasing our Sales teams to maximise their time for selling potential.

We have also recently implemented the tool to help support the service management areas of our business supporting the scheduling of maintenance visits and the production of service dockets and reports. This has allowed us to remove the paper element of the process with the customer able to sign the handheld device and receive an email copy of the service report upon completion”

Jamie Fagan, Financial Controller

The Challenge

Aquilant is a leading provider of specialist healthcare and scientific products and services, providing outsourced sales, marketing, distribution and engineering for the medical and scientific sectors.

Non-Warehouse Stock Management

Aquilant has specialist teams of Sales Managers who distribute and manage the stock of their Orthopaedic Equipment range of revision hip and knee implants and Interventional products (Cardiology, Radiology, Vascular etc.) within hospitals throughout the UK. Their stock and asset management process needs to be efficient and accurate to ensure hospital staff have the tools they need to carry out surgeries and deal with emergencies when they arise. Not having the stock they need, when they need it could have catastrophic and sometimes fatal consequences.

Their previous asset and stock management system was outdated, paper-based and time consuming, leading to delays in updating records and human error. This didn’t fall in line with their commitment to quality and distribution excellence. Sales Managers would spend days carrying out lengthy stock takes and manual checks for expiry dates, posting the paper forms back to head office for the records to be manually inputted. Aquilant wanted a system which would ensure and certify that the required levels of each product would be kept at each customer location. A bespoke solution that was quick to implement and had high levels for security and accuracy when transmitting and storing data was the requirement, and Crimson Tide were well placed to create a solution that fit the bill in every way and more.

Service Management

Aquilant has service divisions supporting both their Endoscopy and Critical Care Divisions. They previously managed their service scheduling through Outlook Calendars with the service reports/dockets completed on paper based books.

This was largely a manual process, creating difficulty when they needed to review or analyse on a customer by customer basis, without reviewing all the necessary paperwork in each customer’s file. It also meant they had to wait until the paper service reports were posted to the office before a customer could be billed. This all resulted in inefficiencies and unnecessary delays.


The Solution

Non-Warehouse Stock Management

Crimson Tide worked closely with Aquilant, devising a tailored solution using the highly customisable functionality of mpro5, revolutionising Aquilant’s external stock management system. Track and trace allowed the sales team to monitor stock deliveries, alerting them of any potential delays. Once stock was in each location, Sales Managers could carry out stock checks in a matter of minutes rather than days. This efficiency was achieved through a bar code scanning system, enabling the hospitals to gather crucial information about the current stock levels, usage levels and the expiry of products. Reports and Alerts are generated to show what needs to be ordered when a product is used or nearing expiry. The automatic reports generated can be used towards the job scheduling and job fulfilment of sales staff with regards to orders and additional stock checks. Every member of the sales team is offered a compatible device for the software as part of the solution. In addition, Crimson Tide developed a website and database for Aquilant, hosted by Microsoft Azure, where all the equipment data and scheduled auditing visits to different customer locations are synchronised and stored.

Service Management

Similar to the stock management solution, Crimson Tide worked closely with Aquilant, to create a highly configured and tailored solution, harnessing the power and functionality of mpro5 to greatly improve the Aquilant Service Division’s reporting capability and scheduling. The automatic reports generated are used towards the job scheduling and service report completion.

In addition, Crimson Tide developed a website and database for all Aquilant equipment held in the field, hosted by Microsoft Azure, where all the equipment data and scheduled service visits to different customer locations are synchronised and stored. This provides full service visibility on all Aquilant equipment (both customer and Aquilant owned) residing in the field and the service history and future visits held against each.


An Innovative Business

The implementation of mpro5 across Aquilant’s Orthopaedic and Interventional teams has greatly improved the visibility and controls around their external stock management. mpro5 has reduced the time spent by Sales staff on field audits, whilst also reducing the value of product held on site.

Now, with real time reporting, Aquilant are better equipped than ever to review and meet their customer’s requirements for Consignment Stock, and Loan Kits. This also allows the Sales teams to maximise customer facing time, due to audit times significantly reducing with the use of the quick and efficient mpro5 app.

mpro5 has also recently been rolled out as a service management offering to the Aquilant service divisions in the UK. This is allowing them to schedule maintenance visits centrally to push out to the engineers. The engineers can then complete service dockets and reports on the handheld device, onsite, where the customer can sign them to be  back to the office in real time for billing. The customer also gets an emailed copy of their signed report in real time. This has expedited the billing process for service dockets and in turn given both Aquilant and their customers greater visibility on all service dockets and visit scheduling.


Benefits in Action

  • mpro5 enables Aquilant to carry out 200 account checks every two months, as opposed to twice a yearly without the mpro5 solution.
  • The average audit time has been reduced from 1 hour per account to just 15 minutes.
  • The error rate for stock takes has reduced by 75% due to mpro5 and the implementation of bar code scanning to provide batch and expiry details, as opposed to hard keying data.
  • Report update time was reduced from one week to same day reporting.

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