Euro Food Brands is an organisation which is dedicated to bringing specialist international produce to the UK market. As sole distributor of Illy coffee, Euro Food Brands is committed to maintaining and upholding the quality and standards of the Illy brand. To achieve this, the company performs regular audits on all of its coffee machines that serve Illy coffee. Everything from the temperature of the water, to the grind of the bean can affect the overall taste and experience for the consumer. It’s therefore crucial that these machines are maintained on a regular basis to ensure that the Illy brand is never compromised.


 Vast amounts of paperwork was slowing the company down

The main challenge the company was facing was the fact that this entire audit process was paper-based. When 4,000 customer sites are involved, this equates to a large amount of paperwork and administrative hours. Besides being a huge waste of resources (paper, ink, printing costs), the operation was time consuming, inefficient and prone to human error. Furthermore, office staff had to manually re-enter data and generate customer reports – the latter often taking days to produce.

The company therefore wanted to digitise this entire process in order to improve operational efficiency, increase productivity and reduce unnecessary costs. Euro Food Brands also wanted to speed up customer reporting in order to enhance the service it was already providing its clients.


After careful consideration, Euro Food Brands decided to use the mpro5 mobile enterprise platform developed by Crimson Tide to mobilise its auditing process. The company felt that mpro5 was an ideal fit for its business needs, particularly since all mpro5 services (mobile devices, software, Microsoft Azure cloud hosting, reporting, support and training) were included in the monthly subscription – meaning that the company could easily measure return on investment and avoid large upfront set up costs.

Euro Food Brands was also drawn to the vast array of features available within the mobile forms component of mpro5, such as dynamic sections, scoring, photo capture and date and time stamping. It particularly liked the fact that as part of the service, Crimson Tide would work with Euro Food Brands to build all of its mobile forms to match its exact business requirements.

Completing mobile audits on iPads

Euro Food Brands’ sales and service team now use the mpro5 solution on iPads to complete audits of all of its Illy coffee machines. Typically users are asked questions relating to the quality of the coffee and the functionality and cleanliness of each machine part, such as the grinder, blades and milk steamer.

Dynamic sections within mobile forms enable users to complete audits much more quickly than on paper since they are only presented with questions that are relevant to the scenario they are recording. For example, if a user records that a machine part is dirty, the next question prompts the user to take a photo as evidence. If recorded as clean, the user is taken to the next relevant question within the form. Additionally, questions within forms are weighted, meaning that mpro5 will automatically calculate audit scores once checks have been completed.

Secure data synchronisation and storage via the cloud with Microsoft Azure

All audit data captured on the mpro5 app synchronises with Euro Food Brand’s mpro5 scheduling and management website – hosted in the cloud with Microsoft Azure – where it’s securely stored. As soon as an audit has been completed, an email alert is fired out automatically to managerial staff, which includes a link from where they can download the audit report.

From the mpro5 scheduling website, office staff can also analyse the data in real time and run reports to compare data across the entire organisation, such as determining which customer sites are performing best, total audit numbers completed by staff over set time frames and any areas of the business that need improving.

Euro Food Brands has also used mpro5 to mobilise additional paperwork within its business such as coffee installation forms and forms for its sales teams to complete when capturing new prospects whilst on the road.

A major benefit of the system has been the fact that mpro5 works on and offline. If one of its team loses mobile coverage or Wi-Fi, all data on the mpro5 app is securely stored on the device until a connection is restored. At this point the data is pushed back up to Euro Food Brands’ mpro5 website.


Increased productivity

Prior to mpro5, staff from Euro Food Brands’ sales and service division would come into the office every Friday to complete un-finished paperwork. By mobilising this entire process, staff are now able to complete all audit-associated paperwork on their iPads whilst on the job – thus eliminating the need to spend time in the office to catch up. Furthermore, staff now have an additional day available to spend meeting and servicing new and existing customers – leading to increased business opportunities.

Improved customer experience

Since implementing the mpro5 solution, Euro Food Brands is able to supply its own customers with same day reports. The organisation is also able to give customers secure access to the client portal on the mpro5 scheduling website, which enables them to view and access audit data in real time – thus increasing trust and transparency between Euro Food Brands and its clients.

Significant reduction in resources

Euro Food Brands has been using mpro5 since 2012 and by mobilising its paperwork and workflows, the company has benefitted from significant cost reductions through decreasing paper, printing and postage usage. Managerial staff are also freed up to spend more time on high priority tasks opposed to administrative tasks.

Better visibility over the company as a whole

The company also has much more granular understanding of the different business units within its organisation. It can easily and quickly identify areas which require improvement and act on them accordingly.

“Our collaboration with Crimson Tide has been a huge leap forward in the way that we are able to monitor and maintain the standard of our coffee machines, which are used to serve Illy coffee. Through the mobilisation of our paper forms via mpro5, our staff have considerably more time for site visits and the generation of automatic reports means that staff are able to act immediately to a situation if necessary. We are dedicated to providing continual service improvements to our customers and we are passionate that Illy coffee is served at a consistently high standard to the consumer. mpro5 will certainly enable us to reach this goal,”

Phil Gotch, Finance Director, Euro Food Brands

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