NCPS utilising mpro5

“mpro5 enables us to manage sites, collecting information from our drivers with ease, which in turn provides our management with the transparent reporting we require. We trust mpro5 and believe it is the way forward for our business.”

Ann Byrne, Operations Director & MD Designate

The Challenge

NCPS is one of the largest parking management companies in Ireland, providing a tailored service to meet all car parking requirements. Managing sites of more than 1,100 with 100,000+ parking spaces across the UK and Ireland, they also provide maintenance services and in-house cleaning for companies in Ireland, such as Irish Rail and Luas.

Focusing on the parking enforcement and maintenance areas within the business, NCPS were looking for a solution to capture information at remote locations, thereby offering detailed data in regards to clamping (on/off) services, as well as evidence of completed cleaning and maintenance works. An integral part of the desired solution was management visibility into appointment statuses, daily/weekly checks as well as overall management reports and dashboards.

The Solution

NCPS already use a software application for parking enforcement. To help NCPS manage sites, mpro5 integrates easily with their 3rd party software and uses the full capabilities of the smartphone to capture data at remote locations. Tasks and appointments are pushed to the device from the mpro5 website, straight to the mpro5 app, so that users in the field can stay on top of their workload and requirements.  Their drivers log in, follow their daily route, and carry out their assigned tasks with ease.  They can take before and after photos of their cleaning and upload these on the app, whilst the device automatically gives a geo location tag and time and date stamp for proof of presence. The driver can also record their daily clamp report, generating an activity report at the end of the shift.

There are a number of other reports and form options on the app that they can use on an ad hoc basis, such as incident reports, uniform request forms and many others, as and when required.

Management has complete visibility into the business, be it actual driver location or regular reports and dashboard views. Once reports are submitted they are sent back to the relevant department in Head Office to use the data as they see fit.

An Innovative Site Management Business

Replacing an old, paper based process with an innovate solution has brought many business benefits for NCPS; simply by having access to real-time information, drivers can carry out their daily tasks swifter and more efficiently, whilst management have complete insight into the performance of the business, enabling better business decisions. Additionally, they can be more competitive and provide their customers with an improved service, as a direct result.

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