The Challenge for Retailers

For two of the Big Four supermarkets in the UK, keeping their stores clean and safe for their customers and colleagues was a high priority, but in doing so they were faced with large amounts of paper-based data capture and inefficient processes, increasing their work loads. Housekeeping checks and claim defensibility were at the top of their list of areas that needed addressing. The issues they were facing included:

  1. Time consuming, inaccurate paper-based auditing processes for store cleaning and housekeeping
  2. The inability to monitor the performance of cleaning contractors.
  3. High levels of fraudulent insurance claims and hours wasted contesting them.
Visibility of Contract Cleaners

The first two areas of concern surrounding housekeeping, cleaners and contractors was a real concern as supermarkets trade within such a competitive space, meaning every penny spent must be spent well. With a large number of sites and various contractors working across them, it was essential that these retailers knew that they were only paying for the work that was carried out and that the quality of the work was of a high standard.

Supermarket management teams needed site of all of the contractor work being carried out, real time, and the paper-based auditing of contractor work meant that the process was slow, error prone and visibility was limited.

The experience of the customer in store was also essential in retaining business and market share in a competitive market. A cleaner, safer store results in customers returning and choosing that retailer as their preferred store.

Insurance Claim Defensibility

Another issue they faced that was costing them millions of pounds a year was the investigation and claims defensibility of insurance claims, often for slips and trips in store. Members of the public were making claims against stores, claiming they were injured on site. What followed was days, weeks and sometimes months of investigation from claims handlers to prove that all precautions were taken to prevent injury and contest these claims. Without the capture of thorough data at their finger tips, this process was long winded and often impossible for claims handlers to contest, resulting in large payouts and a loss of profits.

The Solution for Retailers

These retailers have now replaced their paper-based workflow processes with the mpro5 mobile solution. Cleaning contract staff now use the mpro5 app (available on iOS, Android and Windows devices) on smartphones to complete scheduled store checks and ad hoc incident capture forms. All data is synced back to the retailer’s mpro5 Microsoft Azure cloud based management website. From this site, management teams can access the data anytime, anywhere, using it to analyse performance and run reports in real time. mpro5 provides retailers with visibility that was not previously available to them, allowing well informed business decisions to be made instantaneously.

With mpro5, retailers are able to perform the following, all on mobile devices:

  • Periodic and scheduled cleans
  • Reactive alerts
  • Remedial and follow up actions
  • Incident capture
  • Insurance risk protection
  • Standard cleans
  • Auditing

The Solution: Housekeeping

As part of the mpro5 solution, each store has mobile device or smartphone which is used by their contractor or cleaner during their shift. QR code tags can be placed around the stores, creating set areas to aid in housekeeping workflows and jobs. These tags have unique codes, programmed to represent an area in the store, such as frozen foods, homewares, clothing or aisle numbers. These areas form the basis of the housekeeping hourly checks workflow, guiding the cleaner around the store, ensuring no area of the store is missed.

The result – consistently cleaner and safer stores.

How it works:
  1. The cleaner logs onto mpro5 on the smartphone app at the start of their shift. The scheduled, hourly housekeeping jobs are downloaded to the device, allowing the cleaner to complete the jobs on their mobile device around the store.
  2. The first job on their housekeeping schedule is selected by scanning a tag, detailing the checks required and providing a time and date stamp to evidence that the work has started.
  3. The check is carried out and completed. Any notes are captured, including photos if required.
  4. The cleaner then moves onto the next check, completing any associated tasks until the hourly store checks are complete. Once the job has been carried out, the data, including time and date information is synced back to the retailer’s mpro5 Microsoft Azure cloud based website.

If internet coverage is not available, data is stored locally on the device to be synced back to the website when coverage is restored. From here data can be accessed for reporting and analysis, in real time.

The Solution: Incident Capture for Claim Defensibility

Retail stores are wasting millions of pounds on investigating and paying out for slips and trips claims. Previously with paper-based processes, claims investigators could not easily and quickly contest these claims. Retailers are now using the mpro5 solution to record incidents and proof of their clean up.

How it works:
  1. INCIDENT CAPTURE – a member of staff is notified to attend the scene of an incident with their mpro5 smartphone app.
  2. DATA CAPTURE – a photo is taken of the spillage or incident via their device, which is also time and date stamped and additional and details are noted. The adjacent QR code can also be scanned to evidence the location or it can be manually entered.
  3. CLEAN UP – an ‘after’ photo is captured, evidencing that the area is now clean and safe with a warning sign, again with a time and date stamp, as well as any other relevant information being captured.
  4. SYNCED TO THE CLOUD – all data is sent back to the cloud based mpro5 website. The retailer’s claims team can then easily and quickly look up incidents when a claim is raised against the store.

mpro5 saves time and money on investigations and fraudulent payouts.

The Solution: Reporting and Management Information

The data captured is used by management teams for reporting and trend analysis, as well as claims handlers for claim defensibility when needed. mpro5 also integrates with many 3rd party IT systems and software, to work around your processes.

A few ways in which management can use this captured data include:

  • Check contractor performance
  • Compare store performance
  • Ensure you only pay for the work carried out
  • Insurance claim defensibility
  • Identify ‘Hot Spots’ and areas of higher incident

Big Data and mpro5

Our retail customers experience the power of big data and the impact it is having on their decision making. With data available in a range of formats at the touch of a button, informed business decisions can be made in real time. For many of our users, this is cited as being one of the biggest benefits, giving companies of all sizes sight of their operation, from the smallest ad hoc task, all the way up to large planned projects.

  • Make real time, informed decisions
  • Visualise how your business is performing
  • Compare sites and performance
  • Use your time efficiently
  • See the big picture and the detail


Benefits to Retailers and Supermarkets in Action

  • Protect your business – collect and store valuable data for claim defensibility.
  • Manage large work forces – know where your contract staff are and what they are doing, with ease.
  • Enforce SLAs and KPIs – ensure your contractors are maintaining their SLAs.
  • Real time data – saves you time making quick and informed decisions.

What our customers say:

This software is a great tool to improve the safety of customers and colleagues in store, when used by well trained housekeepers…

Find out more about the innovative ways in which mpro5 can help your business by visiting our Cleaning Software page or contact one of the team to see how we can revolutionise your business processes.



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