Paperless working is the future for any organisation concerned with reducing time and errors. The endless stream of paperwork is a burden for any local authority, which is why Hampshire County Council asked mpro5 to help them move away from the time-consuming, error ridden form filling, to save costs and run a more efficient service.

Their focus was on the council’s catering service division (HC3S), which completes health and safety audits in 500 local schools. Every time a school kitchen is audited, teams would manually complete forms, which then needed to be returned to a central office to be re-entered into the council’s computer system. It was costly, time consuming and open for errors at every step of the journey.

A rapid response and instant return on investment

With added pressure on budgets, the council needed a paperless solution that would give them a significant return on investment quickly. mpro5 rose to the challenge immediately, working with Hampshire Council to digitise all their paperwork. The new mobile forms were made available on smartphones and tablets via the mpro5 system, so that teams have all the documents they need onsite, at their fingertips.

mpro5 were even able to take the standard forms and build dynamic features into them, to prompt staff to ask the right questions based on their previous response. All information is then synchronised immediately with the council’s central system via an inbuilt cloud-based website. Data no longer needs to be transported back to the central office and input manually; everything can be done at the touch of a button.

Smart Yet Simple

mpro5 always looks for smart and simple solutions, which extends to their payment plans. With regular monthly subscriptions, the council had no large upfront cost and could calculate their return on investment almost immediately. The system doesn’t require any additional infrastructure either, so it was up and running within weeks.

Overall, the service has exceeded the expectations of Hampshire Council. Not only has it reduced costs, cut waste and sped up their processes, it has given councils more accurate reporting across the region and an ability to respond to potentially hazardous situations much faster.

From a council that was drowning in paperwork, Hampshire County Council is now a forward-thinking, innovative place to work, where employees feel empowered and supported to do their work to the best of their ability.

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