Case study

The Challenge

Brennans Bread is one of Ireland’s largest bakeries, producing over 70,000 loaves of bread every day, which are delivered by a network of nationwide distributors and more than 200 self-employed delivery drivers. Brennans Bread is committed to maintaining its ethos of ‘Today’s Bread Today’, but with such a large operation, this was causing a logistical headache.

Brennans Bread is proud of the quality and freshness of its baked goods and ensuring that loaves are delivered fresh daily, removing out of date loaves and recording these as returns formed a large part of the service. With a network of 200 delivery drivers, a real challenge for Brennans was creating a culture amongst the drivers that reflects the values of the business. Visibility of the jobs being completed by drivers, in real time was also crucial.

The previously paper-based process involved hours of filling out paperwork, overcomplicated and slow job scheduling for its 140+ drivers daily rounds and an unnecessarily large amount of administration. It also resulted in a lack of visibility of their business operations, sales and returns, leaving management teams uninformed and unable to make real-time decisions.

The Solution

Brennans Bread was looking for a solution that could speed up daily deliveries, reduce paperwork and increase visibility of its business to help make informed decisions in real time. mpro5, developed by Crimson Tide, is an enterprise mobility platform, encompassing a mobile application for users to complete jobs and workflows in the field as well as a secure cloud based website for job scheduling, reporting and alerts for management.

mpro5 was a natural fit, providing a solution for Brennans Bread’s business challenges and with mobile job scheduling and data capture, all on one monthly subscription, there was no heavy upfront costs. The mobile workflow platform can be run on most mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, running on all major operating systems, including Apple iOS, Android and Windows.

Mobilised sales and returns solution

Delivery drivers log onto their mpro5 app every morning on their Android devices, downloading their delivery jobs and locations for their shift, that have been scheduled via the Brennans Bread job scheduling website. Drivers attend each shop location, be that a small corner shop or large supermarket, checking Brennans Bread stocks on the shelves. They load the required amount of loaves and remove any out of date loaves to be returned. The sales and returns numbers are logged into mpro5 and the shop keeper checks what is recorded, providing their signature for proof of delivery.

Data analysis and real-time reporting

Once a job is completed by the driver, all captured information is synced back to the Brennan’s Bread secure cloud based website, from which the management team can analyse the data, create reports and schedule further jobs. This data provides them with instant access and invaluable insight into the daily workings and performance of the drivers and the number of sales and returns, helping them to manage their output and avoid wastage.

Replacing paperwork

All jobs are completed without paperwork, replacing their previous proof of delivery dockets that comprised of 3 sheets of paper for each shop, per day. Paperwork was not only open to human error when being filled out, but also risked being lost or damaged in transit before eventually making it back to the office for manual data input. Removing paperwork from the sales and returns process now saves Brennans Bread money on paper, ink and printing, as well as time spent on administration.

Despite going paperless in their data capture, some shopkeepers still requested paper receipts for their records. Drivers were therefore given Zebra Bluetooth portable printers, allowing them to print receipts if and when required.

3rd party software integration

mpro5 is able to integrate into many 3rd party IT solutions including Microsoft Great Plains (used by a large supermarket customer of Brennans), SAP and many more. This means that we work around your business processes rather than making you change to fit around mpro5.

Business benefits in action

With the innovative mpro5 platform, Brennans are experiencing the benefits of a mobilised workforce. Delivery drivers are easily managed through job scheduling. Time is maximised, allowing drivers to log on, download their jobs and get on with their rounds without delay. 70,000 loaves are easily delivered daily, with full visibility for Brennans Bread and their distributors. Hours are saved by removing the reliance on paperwork, eliminating double data entry, human errors and lost records.

Brennans Bread is now an increasingly efficient business with reduced paperwork and increased visibility, allowing informed business decisions to be made.

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