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 “mpro5 has enabled Allglass to move towards being a Paperless operation. We aim that in 2017 we will have achieved this. More importantly mpro5 gives the Allglass customer a better experience as, rather than filling out forms, everything is done through mpro5.”            

James Craven, Manager

The Paperless Challenge

Allglass Windscreens have been providing glass repair and replacement services to the general public, motor trade, insurance industry and national road users since 1988.  This service is delivered through 90 specialist vehicles through Northern Ireland, UK and Europe.

They have an extremely busy call centre which book numerous customer appointments on a daily basis. Allglass were looking for a solution to capture information at remote locations, thereby offering detailed data as evidence of the completed windscreen replacement work carried out. An integral part of the desired solution was management visibility into appointment statuses, daily and weekly checks as well as overall management reports and dashboards.

The Paperless Solution

Allglass already use a software application for call centre management. mpro5 integrates easily with this 3rd party software and uses the full capabilities of the smartphone to capture data at remote locations. Tasks and appointments are pushed to the device within mpro5 from.  The driver logs in, follows their daily route and carries out their assigned tasks.  They can take before & after photos of their repairs/replacements and upload these on the app; the device will automatically give a geo location tag and time/date stamp.  The driver can collect customer authorisations and record anomalies, using the canvas feature, at this time.

Management has complete visibility into the business, be it actual driver location, job status or regular reports and dashboard views. This assists in the process of submitting claim forms to insurance companies.

An Innovative Business

Replacing an old, paper-based process with an innovate solution has brought many business benefits for Allglass; simply by having access to real-time information, drivers can carry out their daily tasks swifter and more efficiently, whilst management have complete insight into the performance of the business, enabling better business decisions. Additionally, they can be more competitive and provide their customers with an improved service, as a direct result.

Find out more about the innovative ways in which mpro5 can help your business become paperless by visiting our website or contact one of the team to see how we can revolutionise your business processes.

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