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mpro5 is your tailored workforce management and field service software

Recording, reporting and proving work should be simple for your business. Coordinating and monitoring your workforce should be easy and maximise efficiency. Your workforce software should be tailored, agile and flexible to your specific business needs and goals.

The mpro5 mobile workforce software app will let your teams get digital job forms and checks done on their phone or tablet. The wider mpro5 platform includes planned and reactive job scheduling, automatic digital reporting and powerful management dashboards, all as part of your subscription.

Field Service Management Software | mpro5

Coordinate your workforce, empower them with an app, drive operational performance

mpro5 allows you to easily prove that the right person completed their job forms at the right time and place. Tailored to your business, it will digitise and enhance your workforce forms.

There are smart features to choose from, such as time stamping, GPS stamping, proof of presence, photos, signatures and much more. When field teams log an issue on the app, such as missing equipment, mpro5 can automatically send out remedial action tasks.

Operational for you within 30 days

Our approach starts with understanding your business processes such as delivery forms, cleaning rotas, inspection checklists and/or maintenance forms that you currently complete on paper or spreadsheets.

Within 30 days, our team will tailor your mpro5 mobile workforce management software to allow your people to complete digital forms on a phone or tablet.

Flexible mobile workforce software as a service, on one easy subscription

mpro5 is more than a form app or software, it’s a flexible mobile workforce platform, on subscription, that lets you record, present and action data in a way that brings unprecedented value to your business.

Your mpro5 field service app can trigger automatic reports, alerts and escalations to your requirements. We’ll also work with you to create tailored management dashboards to show Key Performance Indicators.

mpro5's field service software management portal | mpro5

A system that grows and evolves with your business

Alterations to your mpro5 schedules and digital forms are included throughout your subscription and changes are deployed fast by our dedicated team. mpro5 is agile technology that can evolve with your business as it grows, or as your requirements change.

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To find out more:

Speak to one of our consultants about how mpro5 can be tailored to meet your requirements or book an InfoDemo to see it in action.

Here’s how some of our clients are using the power of mpro5 in their workforce management

Northern by arriva | mpro5

Before mpro5, Northern Rail were unable to provide accurate audit scoring to stakeholders. They were looking for a workforce app to let them efficiently complete inspection checklists for cleaning and health & safety. Northern’s teams now use their mpro5 app to record inspection checklists and auditing forms, with automatic scoring, across their stations and trains.

Northern have saved time and money by going paperless. Scheduling and monitoring their field staff is now easy. When staff record a fault with a station or train on the app, mpro5 sends remedial action tasks to maintenance or Network Rail automatically. This has minimised delays, helping Northern improve Service Level Agreement performance. Their mpro5 dashboards give them an overview of operations and trends. They can now present transparent and accurate scoring to their stakeholders.

Compass Group | mpro5

Compass Group operate over across 15,000 different sites across the UK and Ireland offering maintenance, security, catering and cleaning services. Their workforce forms include security checks, cleaning rotas, inspection forms, maintenance checklists and more. Compass’ paper-based job forms were inefficient and expensive. Compass now use mpro5 to complete all of their mobile job forms and form checklists.

The mpro5 workforce app helps Compass’ operations be more reactive with automatic remedial action scheduling. Their reporting is efficient and centralised and helps them maintain high standards for their many clients. mpro5 is used across all of Compass’ brands and sites including Wimbledon and Chelsea FC.

mpro5 includes the app, website, reports and alerts, and a full service | mpro5

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