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Field Service Dashboards

Making data-driven decisions has always been an undeniable necessity for any businesses regardless of the size of your organisation or industry. As the volume of business data gets bigger year by year, the need of having your business data being accessible instantly is imperative. The data processing and visualisation within Microsoft Power BI dashboards are useful tools to implement. 

Maps & Graphs in mpro5 | mrpo5

Visualising and interacting with your business data in a way that brings maximum value to you and your clients or stakeholders is achieved via powerful field service dashboards within the mpro5 platform. mpro5 comes with a set of standard dashboards for key out-of-the-box reporting like information on who did which job and where but additionally we have a team of Microsoft Power BI experts who are to build bespoke dashboards with your guidance, to suit your exact needs. 

Alongside Reports & Alerts, our field service dashboards are a favourite feature of the mpro5 service, as they are an invaluable tool for managers to use them to oversee their business operations. Dashboards in mpro5 enable you to see the performance of your field operations. Importantly, you can visualise trend patterns across your business and be able to compare all kinds of different metrics including productivity levels, scoring comparisons, efficiency across your teams and so much more.

Maps & Graphs in mpro5 | mrpo5
Power BI Dashboards in mpro5 | mpro5

You’ll have the capability to visualise and filter the performance cross multiple sites or even regions, and to make real-time, informed business decisions.. The ability to view outstanding actions vs complete actions will allow you to put resource where needed and become more agile. You’ll also have a single source of the truth for operational work with options for both overviews and granular information. 

Our Maps and Graphs are also able to link to individual Job & Workflow completion Reports, and you’ll be able to see all the work that has been completed on that particular Job from a single hyperlink: inspect specific photos, signatures and answers.

Power BI dashboards in mpro5

While your mpro5 subscription comes with a range of field service dashboards, we also have Power BI experts in-house who are able to personalise dashboards to your specific needsPower BI dashboards are a powerful reporting tool and are able to simplify the process of extracting and presenting your business data in dynamic and interactive way of visualising data. Harnessing the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Power BI can drill down into the depths of your business data to reveal trends and much more. We can deploy changes to your dashboard over-the-air thanks to Cloud technology, to ensure your reporting moves efficiently with your business as it changes and grows. 

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In addition to the features above, Power BI also seamlessly integrates with your existing Office 365; Microsoft Dynamics 365; and SharePoint solutions. This allows many organisations to see it as a natural extension to their current Microsoft investment. Power BI dashboards also have superior accessibility and are compatible across iOS, Android and Windows devices. 

Informative overviews of work completed by your team.


You’ll be able to see which jobs are being completed in real time and by who. Therefore, you’ll have a central, up-to-date overview to help you quick business decisions.


You’ll be able to view on interactive maps which work was completed where. This can update live and you will be able to compare performance across sites or regions.


Dashboards can link to individual reports. You’ll be able to see all the work done on a job from a hyperlink. Inspect photos, signatures, answers and more.

With clever filtering and interaction.


Your dashboards will be highly interactive. You will be able to filter what you see in many intuitive and clever ways. Drill down through the data to discover trends.


We can use your floor plans or site plans! You’ll be able to click on different rooms or areas and filter down to jobs completed at that location. Plus, floor plans can be heat-mapped!


We’ll work with you to present your information in the clearest, smartest way with different graphs and widgets… from pie charts to heat-mapped calendars.

Flexible, on-brand and adaptable.


We can provide dashboards with your full branding on including logo and exact colours. This gives you the look and feel that matches your business, without the hard work!


We can colour code everything based on your scoring or standards. Therefore, you’ll be able to quickly see when something has met, exceeded or fallen below standard.


There is no fixed layout for how we display maps and graphs. You can choose what is useful for you. Your maps and graphs can change over time based on your requirements.

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