Bespoke Field Service Dashboards

to help you visualise and understand your operations

Making data-driven decisions is an undeniable necessity for any businesses regardless of the size of your organisation or industry. We offer a bespoke dashboarding service to supplement your tailored mpro5 field service management system. As work orders are scheduled and completed, they sync to the cloud and can populate your own management dashboards. Dashboards are a great way to present and consolidate information captured by field teams. They can help your business to show innovation to your clients or stakeholders. We’ll help you present the impact of technology on your operations by delivering data in a polished, professional way.

Field Service Management Dashboard Safe and Legal
People smiling at a computer screen when looking at their field service management dashboards from mpro5

Save Time

Maps & Graphs help save your management teams valuable time.

They eliminate both any arduous (and error prone) data entry and manual reporting that you are currently faced with. You’ll come to rely on your dashboards as a trusted, single source of the truth, which you can filter to show you exactly the metrics you need to report upon.

Field service dashboards help you provide a more tailored, transparent service to your customers and stakeholders. They’re also a great way to present data from your Internet of Things sensors.

Book an InfoDemo if you’d like us to run through some field service dashboard examples with you.

Save Money

Field service dashboards generate return on investment.

Save money by removing the need to create, print and store paper reports or manage spreadsheets and file systems. Time historically spent on administration and IT can be reallocated to other areas of the business.

In addition, unearthing trends and implementing change to drive service performance can lead to cost savings. Perhaps your field service dashboards will demonstrate that your field teams can be allocated more efficiently. Adding dashboarding to the service that you offer to your own customers can also add value and help you beat the competition.

mpro5 IoT Field Service Dashboard
mpro5 Washroom Field Service Dashboard
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Improve Agility

Adapt your operations based on real-time data.

Your field service dashboards keep you informed, without you having to chase for reports or updates. You’ll have everything you need in order to make real-time data-driven business decisions.

You’ll be able to react quickly, without having to wait for paperwork to be submitted back to the office. At a granular level, field service dashboards might highlight something that needs rectifying quickly. On a higher level, they might demonstrate areas where performance could be improved which can then inform your field teams’ job schedules and responsibilities.

Maps & Graphs help field staff and management teams work synchronously and just as with the rest of mpro5, they are highly flexible.

Built to specification

The scoping process

Having tailored your jobs and flows together, our respective parties will have developed a common language regarding both your processes and the mpro5 technology. This  allows for an even more productive dashboard scoping session.

Scoping sessions help us plan how to best visualise your data. We will bring ideas and suggestions based on our experience with current clients, and the technology to hand. We’ll then build your field service dashboards according to your specification. Furthermore, we can deploy changes to your dashboard over-the-air thanks to cloud technology, to ensure your reporting moves efficiently with your business as it changes and grows.

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mpro5 IoT Field Service Dashboard

Want to walk through some Demo dashboards with us?

If you Book an InfoDemo with us, we can walk you through our demo suite of dashboards to give you a flavour of what you can achieve. An InfoDemo is a free online meeting with one of our team. It’s not a hard sell but an opportunity to understand together whether mpro5 is the right fit for your business. If you’d prefer, you can contact us with your questions.

Informative overviews of work completed by your team.


You’ll be able to see which jobs are being completed in real time and by who. Therefore, you’ll have a central, up-to-date overview to help you quick business decisions.


You’ll be able to view on interactive maps which work was completed where. This can update live and you will be able to compare performance across sites or regions.


Dashboards can link to individual reports. You’ll be able to see all the work done on a job from a hyperlink. Inspect photos, signatures, answers and more.

With clever filtering and interaction.


Your dashboards will be highly interactive. You will be able to filter what you see in many intuitive and clever ways. Drill down through the data to discover trends.


We can use your floor plans or site plans! You’ll be able to click on different rooms or areas and filter down to jobs completed at that location. Plus, floor plans can be heat-mapped!


We’ll work with you to present your information in the clearest, smartest way with different graphs and widgets… from pie charts to heat-mapped calendars.

Flexible, on-brand and adaptable.


We can provide dashboards with your full branding on including logo and exact colours. This gives you the look and feel that matches your business, without the hard work!


We can colour code everything based on your scoring or standards. Therefore, you’ll be able to quickly see when something has met, exceeded or fallen below standard.


There is no fixed layout for how we display maps and graphs. You can choose what is useful for you. Your maps and graphs can change over time based on your requirements.

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