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mpro5 makes facilities management easy.

Recording, scheduling and proving cleaning, maintenance or security tasks should be easy and efficient. mpro5 lets your teams complete tailored digital forms using their phone or tablet. mpro5 is used in FM in over 260,000 sites (retail stores, transport hubs, hospitals and venues) for:

  • Digital cleaning forms and cleaning checklists.
  • Cleaning audits and rotas.
  • Security patrols and checks with digital incident reporting forms.
  • Digital building checklists and inspection forms.
  • Planned preventative maintenance schedules and forms.
  • Reactive maintenance and remedial action scheduling.

mpro5 is different to standard CAFM software, or an off-the-shelf cleaning app or maintenance app. It can be highly refined to your business requirements and processes. We do all of the setup and ongoing configuration for you as part of one easy subscription.

A highly flexible FM app for digital forms, rotas and/or reactive work orders

mpro5 will allow you to easily verify that the right person (or team) completed their tasks at the right time and place. The mpro5 FM app is tailored to your business’ forms and checklists, with smart features to choose from, such as time stamping, GPS stamping, proof of presence, photos and signatures. The mpro5 app can even automatically send remedial action jobs to someone when a maintenance or cleaning issue is raised from within the app.

Operational for you within 30 days

Our approach starts with understanding your business operations and any of your FM forms such as building compliance checklists, security schedules, cleaning audit forms and cleaning checklists. Within 30 days, our team will configure your mpro5 app to be your tailored facilities management app, to allow your people to capture their jobs, checks and work orders on a phone or tablet, instead of on paper or spreadsheets.

More than a CAFM software system - tailored Facilities Management software as a service, on subscription

mpro5 is not just a cleaning app or a CAFM app, it’s a flexible facilities management software platform on subscription, to help you take your FM operations to the next level. You might start with digital forms, but over time we can help enhance your processes and reporting to make them more efficient.

Your mpro5 facilities management app can trigger automatic reports, alerts and escalations to your requirements. Our team will also work with you to create bespoke management dashboards to show Key Performance Indicators and help drive performance. mpro5 lets you record presents and action data in a way that brings value to your business, now and in the future. We’re here to support your business in improving customer/client experience and setting you apart from your competitors.

That will adapt with your business as it grows and evolves. We do the work for you!

In the long term, all alterations to your mpro5 schedules and digital forms are included in your subscription. Changes are deployed fast by our dedicated config team.

Importantly, mpro5 is flexible to almost any use case. Beyond facilities management, mpro5 is widely used for health and safety auditing, proof of delivery and security patrolling. Our clients often start by using mpro5 for one use case, and then realise they can also use it for everything from HR forms to company vehicle checks.

mpro5 will adapt with your business as you grow, as your processes evolve or as we identify efficiency opportunities together.

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Choose mpro5 as your facilities management software platform. It's proven to help businesses achieve better efficiency, peace of mind, cost savings and productivity gains.

mpro5 is used at scale by these well-known businesses

Compass Group | mpro5

Compass Group operate cleaning, security, maintenance and catering services across 15,000 sites in the UK and Ireland. They were looking for CAFM software or an audit app to replace inefficient paperwork. They chose mpro5 to consolidate all of their requirements into one platform and provide a single source of truth for reporting. Compass complete digital cleaning forms, building maintenance checklists and audit forms on the app, which automatically raises remedial actions when issues are raised. Compass use mpro5 across all of their brands and customer sites including Wimbledon and Chelsea FC.

Morrisons plan with mpro5

Morrisons initially adopted mpro5 as a cleaning app to replace all paper cleaning forms and cleaning checklists. Now, Morrisons have now rolled out mpro5 for all auditing forms across departments. Their store teams record Safe and Legal procedures and health & safety checks digitally on their mpro5 app. Morrisons have centralised the recording of, and reporting on, all of their processes. More so, they no longer have to spend a significant amount of time and effort managing separate facilities management software systems.

medirest 420 px

Medirest needed a facilities management app to replace their inefficient paper-based processes for logging cleaning of hospital rooms. They now use mpro5 to verify high cleaning standards are met within Service Level Agreements. The cleaners use their mpro5 FM app to tap each room’s NFC tag in order to prove their presence and complete digital cleaning forms for that room. Medirest use mpro5’s reporting and management dashboards to prove to their clients that cleans are being performed efficiently and effectively.

Cygnia maintenance use mpro5 as their fm app

Cygnia are a sign maintenance business who work for most UK retailers and banks to ensure signage is on-brand. They need to prove that jobs have been completed on time at their clients’ sites. Their mpro5 FM software includes their tailored app, which revolves around both scheduled and reactive maintenance tasks. Their mpro5 platform distributes jobs to field teams via the app who record digital maintenance checklists and tasks with photo evidence. mpro5 has helped Cygnia speed up invoicing and reduce queries.

Achieve measurable ROI and benefits

Save Time & Money

Using an FM app for scheduling and recording your facilities processes, such as building compliance checklists, in place of paperwork is more efficient and saves money on printing costs. mpro5 helps make reporting quick and easy as digital reports are generated and distributed automatically by the app. Digital reports provide peace of mind when proving work has been carried out, by fully documenting work completed on the app, including photos, signatures time stamps and more.

mpro5 will become your single trusted facilities management software platform, removing the need to source and manage separate and disparate apps. This means that you won’t need multiple CAFM software and building maintenance software systems. mpro5 encompasses and digitises all of your processes.

Be Agile

Your mpro5 facilities management app is dynamic and can meet your needs now and in the future. If any of your processes need to change, for example with new questions, scoring or schedules, our Customer Excellence team will quickly update your system via the Cloud. If your business requires any additional processes on your app, such as a new digital cleaning checklists, digital building checklists or any new digital auditing forms, these are included in your subscription. mpro5 will help your business be agile by evolving with your changing FM software requirements.

Drive Performance and Show Innovation

Management and/or client-facing dashboards powered by Power BI present performance indicators and trends across your locations. Management dashboards help give your operations team insight into any recurring issues, missed checks or outstanding work orders. With mpro5, your management teams will be able to make quick and data driven decisions based on up to date information. In addition, client dashboards are an impressive way to show innovation and demonstrate a transparent FM service.

mpro5 includes the app, website, reports and alerts, and a full service | mpro5

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