Employee Clock In and Out System

mpro5 with Time and Attendance is an employee clock in and out system that lets you prove attendance at a particular place, and monitor the time spent there. Your employees are the backbone of your business, and enrolling your entire team is straight-forward and quick. At mpro5, our Consultants will help you set up and manage shifts from the mpro5 portal, including holiday and shift cover as well as giving you support through the entire process and beyond.

Unlike some off-the-shelf employee management solutions, your shifts in mpro5 can be set up to your bespoke requirements, allow anything from a non-specific person to clock-in (whether expected or not), to only allowing a certain individual to clock-in at an exact time and place…and anywhere in between.

Time & Attendance in mpro5 enables your employees to prove their attendance at a particular site | mpro5

Once we have set up your Time & Attendance module, we’ll set your shifts set up and further tailor the system with automatic reporting and alerting to ensure your people know when something’s not right. For example, if no one shows, the wrong person turns up or somebody clocks in but doesn’t clock-out.

Using an employee clock in and out system makes managing shift patterns easy and can be done per user or per location. Plus, there are four different clock-in/out methods to choose from! We can also provide a managed tablet and an enclosure; plus any ancillaries you need.

mpro5 with Time & Attendance enables you to ensure your employees are in the right place at the right time | mpro5
r | mpro5

Saving you time and money

Using Time & Attendance as an employee clock in and out system will help save your management teams valuable time by eliminating the difficult process of confirming attendance on at a site. Using alerts, mpro5 can help unlock efficiency and by moving your business to a reporting-by-exception system. Importantly, requests from your clients for proof of attendance can be generated quickly and easily in a few clicks or shared via a live dashboard.

Manage employee holidays and shifts easily

Using our employee management system, you’ll be able to easily manage your employees’ holidays and shifts through your own mpro5 web portal. The Time & Attendance system can then accommodate for the periods of time your business needs to cover.

Prove your employees attendance in with facial recognition in Time & Attendance | mpro5
mpro5's field service software management portal | mpro5

Automatic Reporting

As an administrator, you’ll be able to view, send and receive all the clock in and out information in our employee clock in and out system. What’s more, in our employee clock in and out system, our reactive alerts can let you know when employees have missed shifts or when they’re late – making for more streamlined operations within your business.

Smart clock in and out options

Time & Attendance in mpro5 is the smart way to manage your employees’ clock in and out options. There are four methods to choose from including facial recognition, fingerprint scanning as well as employees having their own PIN code and NFC (Near Field Communications).

By using an employee clock in and out system such as Time & Attendance, your employees are able to use our facial recognition and bio metric fingerprint methods to prove their attendance. This also shows innovation within your business to your clients and stakeholders – and there’s no need to pick a one-size-fits-all option; as we’re able to set up the most suitable clock-in method for each of your sites. are both highly secure and use the power of the Microsoft Cloud to keep your business data confidential.

Time & Attendance finger print scanning kiosk | mpro5
mpro5 time and attendance grid on a tablet | mpro5

Managed Devices and Connectivity

As an approved O2 and Samsung Partner, we are able to provide you with a range of devices including fingerprint scanners, tablets, kiosks and more that suit your budget and Connectivity requirements. We are also able to lock down your devices for use of Time & Attendance only.

Smart clock-in options


Your team can clock in and clock out with their own pin codes, or with a tap using NFC (Near Field Communication) tagging. They’ll prove their attendance quickly and easily.


You can also choose fingerprint recognition as your Time and Attendance clock in method. In addition, we can provide the best fingerprint scanner for the job.


Your users can now clock in with their face! The onsite tablet’s camera to verify attendance and rest assured, this feature is built using highly secure Microsoft Azure technology.

Manage and monitor your team


We set up your shift patterns, users, alerting, reporting and more. You (or we) then can manage your team and their shifts easily from your mpro5 portal.


Your mpro5 Time and Attendance system can take into account shift workers’ holidays. Then, mpro5 can accommodate for the cover periods you need to organise.


You’ll view clock-in and out information through mpro5’s automatic reporting. Plus, alerts can let you know when shifts have been missed, or when people are late.

With all the kit you need


We provide you with the best tablet (within your budget) for your Time and Attendance requirements. We can also lock the tablet down for only T&A usage.


mpro5 also can provide a kiosk in which the tablet sits. Therefore, the tablet is positioned on site in the best way for easy clock-in, while also being protected.


You can choose  whether to use onsite Wi-Fi, or the mobile network using a SIM card. SIM cards are great when you don’t want to rely on existing infrastructure, or on your IT team.

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