mpro5 – more than just a cleaning schedule app

Whether you run a cleaning business or look after the facilities and cleaning function for a company, cleaning business software is key to your operation being efficient, accurate and effective. Similarly, having reporting in place is essential to demonstrate the value of your work to your customers.

From scored cleaning audits, time and attendance logging and cleaning alerts, to proof of presence and cleaning scheduling, the mpro5 cleaning business management app can help with every aspect of your operation.

mpro5’s cleaning business management app and dashboard works hard for you to reduce the everyday issues you face as a business, from eliminating a lack of visibility to banishing outdated and archaic processes that waste time and money.

Features and benefits of mpro5 cleaning business software

Cleaning Scheduling – reactive and planned
mpro5 allows you to schedule jobs and assign them to staff out in the field, via the cleaning schedule app. From regular tasks that need to be completed to reactive jobs, alerting staff to spillages or other incidents that need to be cleaned up.

Instant Alerts

If staff are late or don’t turn up to a shift, your management team can be instantly alerted, so that a replacement can be sent out, ensuring jobs are never missed.

Time, Attendance and Proof of Presence

Ensure staff turn up when and where they are needed by logging time and attendance with proof of presence through NFC tags, QR code scanning and time stamped forms. Accurate time logs allow for accurate billing and personnel management.

HR Management

mpro5 takes the headache out of HR with simple and complex forms available for completion and storage for later use. Effectively managing staff becomes a breeze with everything from simple new starter and return to work forms, to formal grievance forms, completed with ease. mpro5 is ideal for any business with a large mobile workforce and the potential for high staff turnover.

QR Location Scanning

Utilise QR scanning for different tasks in specific areas, allowing staff to log activities in locations or on machinery and equipment.

Cleaning Audits

Carry out cleaning audits to ensure your levels of service are where they should be. Evidence the hard work your staff do and the quality, to help you retain existing and win new business.

These are just a few of the benefits and features our mpro5 customers experience with our innovative cleaning business software. Click below to find out more about the platform and full service on offer.

Who We Work With

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mpro5 has really helped my business, I have a better understanding of where my staff are and what is going on at each contract. I have lots of plans to expand the use of mpro5 across the business moving forward. mpro5 are always happy to help and quick to deal with new forms and workflows that I need.

Gary Cameron, Lodestar Cleaning Contracts

mpro5 not only increases efficiency – it saves you time and money.
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