What can mpro5 Catering Management Software do for catering business?

Businesses working in the catering, food production, preparation and food safety management industries are harnessing the power of mpro5 throughout the UK and Europe. By improving their food safety management, compliance, cleaning and so much more, our customers are feeling the benefits. The mpro5 catering business management app ensures your staff maintain the highest food safety and quality standards in all aspects of their work.

From food preparation, tracking, training and audits to temperature monitoring and alerts, the mpro5 catering management software can increase the efficiency of your staff and their daily jobs. Our aim is to free your staff from time consuming admin and paperwork, so they can get on with their day jobs.

mpro5 works hard for you to reduce the everyday issues you face as a business, such as auditing.

Features and benefits of a catering management software 

Track and Trace

mpro5 leads the industry in track and trace technology. Tracking food delivered to your sites and core products used in catering and making products in store, allows you to trace and recall any affected food items in the event of an outbreak of food related illness. Track and Trace allows you to react fast, finding the source and limiting exposure to your customers and damage to your business.

Temperature Monitoring and Alerts

Using mpro5 technology allows you to monitor temperatures onsite, 24/7, eliminating stock loss. Configure individual thermometers with flexible tolerances on your catering sites and receive alerts via email or SMS if the temperature changes out of normal range. Via your online mpro5 site, management can monitor alerts form home, saving wasted trips to site. Reporting and graphs via your mpro5 dashboard will allow for full visibility and total control, protecting stock from wasting.

Food Safety Auditing Management

Food Safety Audits can happen at any time, with little warning. mpro5 lets you stay ahead of the game, ensuring your next audit is a pass. We can create a suite of in store audits within mpro5, using your processes or those of the FSA. Increasing the difficulty of your internal audits will mean external audits become a breeze, removing staff negligence and the risk of a fail on the day.

HACCP Back Office

mpro5 can record and report on many types of accidents and incidents as well as customer complaints and medical questionnaires, allowing your HACCP champion to carry out their work with ease.

Staff Training

Training becomes easy, documenting the training itself, signatures to confirm completion and documents and certificates for instant look up when required by auditors. Accountability for staff increases as records are formally captured.

QR Location Scanning

Utilise QR scanning for different tasks in specific areas, allowing staff to log activities in location or on machinery and equipment.

Live Online Lookups

Live lookups can be used in a number of useful ways. Check which products and stock are about to expire and identify those that need to be taken off the shelf. You can also look up completed forms to see who carried out the job, when they completed it and and where.

Maintenance Recording

When using outside contractors, it is essential that your records are correct, so you know who is on site, how long for and what they are doing. This allows you to know how much you are spending on contractors and query invoices if needed.

These are just a few of the benefits and features our mpro5 customers experience with our innovative catering management software. Click below to find out more about the platform and full service on offer.

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