Smart Supermarket Technology

Tesco’s wide-ranging deployment of mpro5 across their Facilities Management, Security and Insurable Risk business units provides a broad case study for the use of smart supermarket technology in the form of mobile workflow and job scheduling. The case study is a prime example of how the flexible nature of mpro5 can allow for wide-scale roll-out and return on investment across even the very largest businesses.


While retail is the overarching category of this case study, some of the specific applications of mpro5 mentioned are good examples of use cases for Cleaning and Security. Our work with Tesco over the years is something we are very proud of and we always look forward to working with them on new challenges and opportunities to streamline their business operations.

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UK Wide Rollout

Distribution Centres
Staff Using mpro5
"Over time, stakeholders have come to learn the flexibility of mpro5, allowing them to apply the solution to an ever-expanding set of needs, from Facilities Management to Time and Attendance, to Store Logbooks, to Internet of Things and more.”

Across Use Cases

Facilities Management

Using mpro5 for housekeeper schedules, ad-hoc cleans and smart washrooms ensures stores are kept clean and standards remain high.

Safety & Security

Stores use mpro5 for Health and safety checks and security patrols with proof of presence to verify someone was at the right place at the right time.

Logbooks & In-Store Checks

All paper-based in-store checks and logbooks now completed on the mpro5 app in situ, saving thousands in paper printing costs and streamlining checks.

Deployed And Trusted At Scale

Over 77,000 employees and 5,000 third party contractors use mpro5 across over 3,700 sites for recording information previously entered on paper or using legacy systems.

Save Time

In-store staff use the app to quickly record information. Investigation of false slips & trips claims is now minimal.

Be Agile

Extending the system to cover Store Logbooks and Service Credits took weeks from scoping to deployment due to mpro5’s flexibility.

Save Money

Hundreds of thousands of pounds a year saved in both printing costs and insurance payouts. ROI is measurable and clear.

Drive Performance

Powerful dashboards for full visibility of store, region and contractor performance as well as customer footfall insights and trends.

“Contracted staff use mpro5 primarily to follow and record cleaning operations, catering provision and security health checks. For cleaning and cleaning auditing, Near Field Communication (NFC) tags are distributed throughout stores for Housekeepers to scan to record their specific location against which to record information on the mpro5 app.”

Our Approach To Efficient Cleaning and Security​

“In terms of both cleaning and security, the benefits from more efficient, disciplined operations in retail are passed on to the customer in the form of cleaner, safer stores. A cleaner and safer retail environment is important to encourage return visits and to maintain high brand standards and perception.”

Our Approach To Paperless, Reactive Stores

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