A Tailored Electronic Proof Of Delivery System

Over 1.4 million copies of The Metro Newspaper are delivered every day with help from their tailored electronic proof of delivery system from mpro5. Metro’s mpro5 solution is configure with a number of key features to provide efficient and verifiable deliveries including scheduling, Tag Scanning and Before & After photos. The delivery drivers use the mpro5 app to follow their drop routes from rack to rack – you will have probably seen these blue metal racks at London tube and train stations.


Upon arrival at a rack, the driver scans the mpro5 NFC tag on the rack in order to register their arrival and to automatically open their delivery workflow for that specific location. All of the data captured on the app is synced in real-time back to the cloud so that management and admin teams can view up-to-date delivery information.

mpro5 app

Smart, Efficient Delivery At Scale

Admin Hours Saved Weekly
Drop Points
"We faced a challenge in the lack of timely, accurate, and manageable data to confirm deliveries of the newspapers to specified Metro newspaper racks. We wanted to equip our drivers with devices to confirm and record the delivery of Metro newspapers in real time.”

A Partnership For More Than A Decade

We have worked closely with The Metro for over 10 years to provide the ideal solution, managed devices and support for their requirements.

Save Time

Delivery drivers use the app to quickly record deliveries with smart tagging technology and efficient workflows.

Be Agile

Changing the delivery workflows or altering drop schedules can be achieved and deployed over-the-air quickly by our team.

Save Money

Costs have been cut and the returns of unread copies has been reduced to just 1% since using mpro5.

Drive Performance

Over 20 hours per week saved in Admin time due to automatic reporting and alerting. Readership has also increased.

“mpro5 helps free up staff time for analysis and reporting, ensuring that we can fine-tune our key performance indicators to target our audience more effectively.”

Our Approach

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