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mpro5 ensures stations and trains are kept to high standards for Northern Rail. Northern use their powerful mpro5 system for both train and station cleaning and auditing. Their important processes are now all paperless and hugely more efficient. In addition, we installed tags in every carriage of Northern’s train fleet. As a result, users can tap-in to easily confirm the carriage they are auditing at that time. In partnership, we met tight delivery timescales and continue to provide reporting, maps and graphs for the management teams. Northern has so far enjoyed productivity gains of “up to 25%, with no drop off in quality of service”.

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Smart, Efficient Delivery At Scale

"Firstly, Northern identified the key goal as capturing and reporting on the state of the stations and trains across the Northern estate. The powerful and flexible auditing capabilities of mpro5 are helping to provide compliant scoring. mpro5 delivers this scoring, along with reporting, maps and graphs to all internal and external stakeholders. Moreover, mpro5 deployed the system in less than 4 weeks. Northern continue to demonstrate significant improvements to their client, and fast."

A Partnership Since 2019

We have worked closely with Northern to allow their Service Quality team to instinctively, consistently and accurately capture and report in real-time.

Save Time

mpro5 removed the need to double enter data and spend lots of time on administrating the process.

Be Agile

Real-time compliance scoring allows Northern to be agile and react to changes quickly.

Save Money

Costs have been cut on administration activity, allowing focus to be place on other areas of the business

Drive Performance

Over 20 hours per week saved in Admin time due to automatic reporting and alerting.

mpro5 are delighted with the partnership we have formed with Northern. The implementation has delivered over and above the value we expected. Also, the dedication of the multiple departments involved made this possible. We are, of course, well aware of the power of mpro5 but to see it materialise so quickly and effectively has been a genuine pleasure.

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