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Book an InfoDemo with one of our Consultants today. An InfoDemo is the best way to learn about mpro5 and its features such as Jobs & Flows, Reports & Alerts, Maps & Graphs, Time & Attendance and Internet of Things. One of our team will do a live demo for you over the internet, on a day and at a time that suits you. You’ll be able to ask all your questions and get the transparent and honest answers you need. Together, we can understand how mpro5 will work for you.

We will then confirm the free demo and provide you with the link to an online meeting at that time. If, for any reason we need to cancel the slot, you will be notified by email.

Please email sales@crimsontide.co.uk to book an InfoDemo with one of our mpro5 Consultants

Sam Roberts

Sam specialises in achieving digital transformation with mpro5 in the retail sector. He has worked extensively with 2 of the big 4 supermarkets in the UK, helping them become more time and money efficient with mpro5.

Toby Hawkins

Toby is very experienced in implementing mpro5 in the travel and transport industry. He has worked closely with Arriva Rail Northern, Chiltern Rail, Mass Transit Rail and more.

Jeremy Roth

Jeremy’s expertise are in solutions. He is experienced with SIM cards, connectivity, devices, Internet of Things and more. He can talk with you about everything from your hardware requirements to the best sensors for you.

Dan Teare

Dan’s expertise are in utilising mpro5 in the NHS and the Facilities Management industry. His focus is on helping NHS trusts and FM companies rise to the ongoing pressure to innovate, allowing them to gain competitive advantage in the process.