Mobile workforce management (MWFM) has long been a headache for businesses, with reduced visibility of staff activity and increasing pressure to become more efficient, a solution to your mobile workforce management has never been more required. But don’t see it as an inconvenience… having a well managed mobile workforce has a wide range of benefits for businesses. Here we are talking about how you can leverage mobile working to your advantage.

Talent NOT Location

Often when it comes to recruitment, we are restricted to our office location and selecting from a limited pool of candidates. But with a mobile business that has all required resources at its fingertips, we can cast our recruitment net much wider. This means you can look for candidates based on talent and not geographical proximity. This is great news, especially for businesses that require workers with niche skill sets.

Building a business around talent and not convenience is a sure-fire way of creating a company full of skilled, engaged and efficient staff.

Reduce Costs with Mobile

Running a business can often feel like an endless list of expenses, but the adage of ‘spend money to make money’ doesn’t always apply. There are many ways to progress your business, whilst trimming the fat and unnecessary spending.

Paperwork can often be a big expense, from printers, to ink, paper and other stationery, it all adds up, and fast. By going mobile with a smart working solution such as mpro5, you can save on these costs, instead working and storing all your business processes and documentation in the cloud. By eliminating paperwork costs you can often see instant ROI, reduce errors, speed up processes and minimise your carbon footprint – what isn’t to like?!

Many businesses are also embracing BYOD (bring your own device) where staff use their own mobile devices and tablets in conjunction with mobile solutions and applications such as mpro5. This keeps business costs down and ensures hardware is cared for by the user.

Increased flexibility

Flexibility often equates to efficiency. Online or offline, anytime and anywhere, mobile is the future of the workplace. With work being carried out as and when it is required, businesses can save on bricks and mortar, reducing overheads and leaving more money to invest back into the future of the business.

Improve Mobile Visibility

But if my staff aren’t sat in the office, how can I trust they are working? Utilising mobile technology gives you more visibility of your staff’s activity and output than ever before. Data is continuously collected and stored, providing endless opportunities for reporting and analysing your business and staff performance. This data gives you the ability to make real time decisions, maximising performance.

Go Global with Mobile

Mobile businesses allow staff access to the tools and data they need 24/7, allowing collaboration between territories and time zones easier than ever before. With everyone working from the cloud, you can create a global workforce that can continue to work when their colleagues are sound asleep. Down time is reduced with unlimited access to what is needed to get the job done right, first time. Mobile working also brings your workforce together, creating a sense of one global team, breaking down the usual communication barriers.

The Edge

Mobile business gives you the edge over your competitors. In every way from a flexible workforce able to work around your customers’ needs, to ensuring SLAs and KPIs are easily set and achieved. Win new business by showcasing the data and successes from other customers. Retain key contracts by evidencing the service you are providing and making suggestions on future improvements.

Boost Morale

Nobody enjoys being micromanaged, and checked up on. With a mobile workforce management solution, you can keep an eye on staff without getting in the way or making them feel like they aren’t trusted. With all the tools they need to carry out their jobs, staff are empowered and able to get on with the job at hand.

Look Professional

We’ve all been in meetings and presentations where you’re faced with a stack of papers and a presenter clumsily shuffling through paperwork to find the information they need. This instantly creates an impression of an outdated and inefficient business. In contrast, a presentation on a tablet looks slick, professional and allows the presenter to move freely around the topic, fielding questions with ease.


Mobile working is happening now and your competitors are already embracing this flexible way of working. There’s never been a better time to mobilise your business!  Find out more or call us today to discuss how we can help your business +44 (0)1892 542 444

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